11 questions for trent

10 + 1 questions,  selected by members of the fan community from nin.com and ETS, answered in a video chat with papagolash. read more about the process here, here and here.

thanks to: trent reznor, nin.com forum, echoing the sound, the nin hotline and of course papagolash and everybody else who took part in this project. if you like to use these videos on your blog, please add these credits as well.


question 1: There have been many inquiries about the soundcheck for “Lights in the Sky.” What made you decide to not play the song live during the last tour and will we ever see it live? What are the reasons for not ever playing certain songs at shows, and given that band members have mentioned learning 70+ songs, how do you pick the 20-ish that get played each show?


question 2: Regarding unreleased material, it should come as no surprise that you probably have mountains and mountains of it lying around. Have you ever gone back and reworked material into later releases and is there a plan to release it to the community to either digest or possibly remix? What are the legal implications involved?


question 3: What are some non-music-related things you’ve always wanted to do in your life and haven’t gotten to yet, but would really like to accomplish in the future?


question 4: The Still album featured deconstructed and new pieces of music that showcased a “softer” side to NIN. Do you have any interest in creating another album like Still in the future? What are some of the more- recent songs that you could see restructured to be like Still? How do you think combining elements of Still and Ghosts would work as its own tour?


question 5: You recently asked your followers on Twitter for cover song suggestions for the upcoming NIN|JA tour. What kind of results did this yield and was there anything that really stood out to you? What were some of the more outlandish ones?


question 6: Years ago, you mentioned you wanted to release The Fragile in Surround Sound by 2009. Given that this year is its 10th anniversary as well as the 20th anniversary of PHM , do you have any plans to commemorate either or both releases like TDS in ’04 or is there just too much red tape involved? What other elements besides the music would you want to include?


question 7: There is a large demand for live recordings of Nine Inch Nails’ shows. Have you ever considered a monetized (perhaps by donations) NIN-specific live recording torrent site, and if so, are there any particular legal issues that would prevent you from releasing live recordings? What about providing soundboard or pro video footage from the past, such as from the surprise OSR gig?


question 8: If you were to make a shortlist of people anywhere in the world with whom you could collaborate on a project, who would be on it and why?


question 9: You hosted an online survey last year regarding a variety of topics with your tours, music, etc. Has the data from that survey helped shape what we’re seeing with NIN right now?


question 10: Does being a constant tease to the NIN fan community bring you immense amounts of joy similar to the amounts of agony you’ve caused each and every one of us because of this?


question 11: When you wrote the slip you wrote it with your at the time full band. You didn’t have a bassist at the time. Was that the 1st time….like how did you guys write it? Was it just you pretty much writing and producing most of the music, with having Robin and Josh come in to do a part here and there? Or did you guys actually do the album like as a band?


9 thoughts on “11 questions for trent

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  2. JoshuaZed

    those questions were thrilling, really interesting and interview … except for that interviewer guy who sucked ass. the only thing positive about him was his way more elaborate cat in the background …

  3. K

    Good questions. Overall, I thought this was a lot more interesting than the Digg Dialogue actually.

  4. Eric

    I have been a huge fan of your music, what it has to offer and the self lessons i have learned behind some of your subjects…. however I’d like to know how you feel about the current administration ? i am a (libertarian) i love my country and i don’t care if you hate me for that, i could never stop listing to your music. but i have to wonder, do you feel lied to by our coward leader? and let’s not go backwards by the ever tired (when in doubt beat up bush) it’s such a shortcut to real thought. i really don’t think that’s you’re style either. i dont defend bush’s wrong doing, but i must say i feel more deceived by obama than i do bush. Just curious.


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