Our final gift to the Rock Am See festival…


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posted by Rob at 8:25 am from konstanz, germany

added: the “kugelsack” seems to become a running gag for shitty german festivals and bands, it appeared the first time in june 2005 on nin.com (click on the text to see the appendant video) :


one day before they encountered another famous german band in switzerland, and it was even worse than this years festival in austria…


15 thoughts on “Our final gift to the Rock Am See festival…

  1. witchcookie

    ..je öfter man es sieht (nin.com is bei mir die startseite) desto angeekelter bin ich von dem anblick.. *grusel* möcht ma wissen, wer da modell gestanden hat

    – sorry, aber das ging jetzt nicht in englisch –

  2. S@nd (from Paris)

    Sorry to ear about this and that you were so pissed off.
    The fans seems to like the show anyway… But I do understand why the band feel like that…

    As far as I read this blog, I can say that the tour seems to have been great with all those cool moments and I hope that each of you will remember those good things, and not the bad ones.

    Anyway… that was not some stupid kind of reproach, but just to let you know that fans were and are stil really pleased to see you touring. 😉
    As I will be really pleased to be in Munich tomorrow night for one last show in Europe (even if it’s in Germany….! ;-p)

    Thanks for everything so far !

  3. Domo

    TRENT YOUR FUCKING GUITARS!!! I would be so fucking pissed, I just can’t find the words to describe how youo must feel!! Godamn those little fucking pigs!!

  4. jana

    die fotzen von den toten hosen gehören ordentlich in den arsch gefi…man sollte den wichsern in ihren deutschen kugelsack treten!!!!!!!!!

  5. jana

    ne,bin ´türlich nin-fan.komme aber aus berlin.und hier kommentiert
    man halt alles “frei schnauze”.trent hat meinen wortschatz mit”kugelsack”sehr bereichert!außerdem hasse ich die toten hosen!!!hier bestand halt mal die chance seine meinung über diese
    “shitty geman band”zu äußern.

  6. Dori Doreau

    @ jana
    ich bezog mich eher auf die anderen kraftausdrücke untersten niveaus in deinem kommentar. ich wäre höchst erfreut, wenn du (und sämtliche anderen user) solches vokabular in diesem blog in zukunft stecken lässt. im gegensatz zum kommentarbereich auf nin.com gilt hier nicht “anything goes”.

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