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posted by Rob at 2:02 am from konstanz, germany


17 thoughts on “recap

  1. witchcookie

    Telling the crowd directly in the beginning how pissed he is was so fucking wrong.. if he had just shut his cute little mouth nobody would have recognized that everything was going wrong! Hey Trent – ever tried some yoga to calm down in such situations? 😉 I could be your teacher in Munich (and I hope the crowd there will make a better job than those festival poeple did…). Never felt so bad about being european/german :-/

  2. RobinTMP

    Witchcookie: Trent’s (a) a complete perfectionist who wants things to be perfect for the audience, and (b) compulsively honest, and always has been–he was angry that he couldn’t put on the show he wanted to for fans who deserved it, and wanted to let them know exactly whose fault it was. (Don’t feel bad about being German, OK? The lying incompetent promoter deserves to be strung up by his kugelsack, but I don’t think Trent/the band is blaming Europeans in general, just specific morons . Trust me, he’s just as hard on idiots back here in the States…)

    (And Trent, if it makes you feel any better, you look *really* good in that beard… 😉

  3. sorry?

    one lovely day, trent´s gonna drop a bomb somewhere over germany – or austria – or switzerland. or europe in general, as pissed as he is…. seriously, i don´t wanna be around when he comes down after a performance like this – run for your lives!! :-))

  4. Tray

    In Birmingham, it turned out that the venue was to small for the screens, and Trent seemed pretty pissue at that.
    From a giggers perspective I can only say that I was amazed at how very perfect they were!
    I saw NIN again in Wolverhampton, with the screens, I must admit he did apper plenty more relaxed.
    love the work guys. x

  5. Alex

    It was PERFECT that he said it, and he’s got every right. Trent rocks for doing and saying stuff like this.

  6. sorry?

    Witchcookie, das mit dem Yoga ist ne super Idee! So wie der sich immer aufregt, kriegt er nochmal einen Herzinfarkt….Also ehrlich, langsam sollte er sich drauf einstellen, dass auf Festivals eben nicht immer alles glatt laufen kann – da sind haufenweise Bands, haufenweise Probleme und haufenweise Leute, die Mist bauen können – so ist das nunmal! Und: Bauhaus hatten auch nur eine Glühbirne auf der Bühne und es hat funktioniert. 🙂
    Warum dann nicht auch bei den Nails?

  7. lotus

    The honesty is what I love about Trent. I’m sooo fucking sick of people lieing grrrr. I have about 3 people in my life that I feel I can truly believe and Trent is one. Wow how fucking sad is that lol


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