While the music industry is doing everything they possibly can to go out of business, can we all make sure to rid ourselves of the Grammys, too? Out of touch old men jacking each other off.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Carla

    I agree with you. The Grammy’s don’t commend people for creativity or originality. They’re useless and a waste of money, energy, and air time.

  2. Grammy Boycott

    So true! Thanks for telling it like it is!

    The Grammys are DONE, finished!
    why not call for a boycott of the CBS broadcast? Maybe artists could simultaneously broadcast live video feeds performing at home or video blogging. It would be so much more interesting. A full 3 hour show during the Grammy broadcast, streaming from your site and many other artist sites and video blog communities that offer free live video blogging. Or your could pre-record a 3 hour home session/video blog and have 10 minute clips that run for a total of 3 hours to cover the Grammy broadcast time period. You could upload the clips just prior to the Grammy show. That would be GREAT! Please consider doing this, and getting other artists on board to do similiar live shows at home that can be viewed on the Internet. After the Grammys are over on TV – remove the video clips. That way people will have the motivation to watch during the Grammy broadcast.

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  4. Grammy Boycott

    yeah, either predictable.. or simply nominate to attempt to get exposure for an artist/group when they want to stimualte more CD/download sales.

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  6. kyndra

    does anyone even watch these piece-of-shit awards shows anymore, anyway? i mean, other than for the macabre satisfaction of seeing people like britney spears shit all over what little credibility (however ludicrous the rest of consider said credibility) they had to begin with?

    meh. i haven’t watch a music awards show since i was in grade 7 and kurt cobain smashed his guitar into an amp while performing. pretty much everything in the last decade has been utterly predictable, laughable, and- after having the general public got bored with crotch shots and photos of coke-encrusted celebrity nostrils- completely uninteresting.

    but hey, i’m just a cynic who prefers singers who actually sing and musicians who actually posess talent.

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  9. double d

    didn’t you live in the house where the sharon tate massacres took place, just to make yourself look cool? i bet that was really nice for the family of the victims to hear. so when did you become mister conscientious?

  10. Grammy Boycott

    The answer is * BOYCOTT the Grammy Broadcast. Hit them where it will HURT THEM THE MOST, in their POCKETBOOK. Send a clear message to the Grammys that no one cares anymore. The sponsor dollars will fizzle up!

    Boycott all the Grammy corporate sponsors! Post a list of the companies sponsoring and providing SWAG and/or quid pro quo to the Grammys and let them know that you won’t buy their products anymore, nor will anyone watch the Grammy broadcasts again!

    Be a responsible music lover, and BOYCOTT THE GRAMMYS!
    Don’t watch the Grammys, and don’t purchase sponsor products!
    Let’s get the Grammy program ratings WAY DOWN…. down, down
    down, gone, gone, gone, gone…. the 50th Grammy Awards show will be the LAST!

    Long live MUSIC!
    Take action music aficionados!

  11. Grammy Boycott

    double d – commenter…
    this blog page is for comments on the GRAMMYS
    please be relevent (and your spelling sucks – WORSE THAN MINE!)

    If you want to comment – then make your comment about THE GRAMMYS and THE STATE OF MUSIC.

    Don’t ruin this comment string with your ignorance.

    And please don’t take that to harshly…
    just simply — FUCK OFF

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  13. Jeff

    Everybody knows the grammys are just a way to promote the selling artists. The majority of the disconnected public has no idea what these award shows are really all about. Hype, fluff, crap.

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  15. double d

    hey grammy boycott
    i didn’t mispell a single word.
    so don’t try that little charade.
    i bet you’re the type that tries to talk loudly over people when you argue.
    that doesn’t prove your argument.
    the comment was relevant because i was expressing why i don’t care what he says.
    don’t get me wrong.
    i’ve always hated the grammys.
    but i also see through bullshit.
    trent reznor is a sick twisted freak.
    if he starts telling me he’s some kind of champion of what’s right, i feel the need to say.
    “hold it a minute, you’re a sick twisted freak.”
    and if he or you or whoever doesn’t like opinions than don’t put up a blog.

  16. Grammy Boycott

    If you don’t like him, then why the hell are you reading his blog…. GO AWAY!

    and let’s get back to GRAMMY BOYCOTT

    PS: I’m a deaf mute.

  17. Grammy Boycott



    Do your part – MAKE MUSIC GREAT AGAIN!

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    Did they nominate Fergie for best Rock Artist this year? It would be fitting for how pathetic the Grammys are.

  19. Meghan Chavalier

    You are so right. Did you see the nominations this year? Pathetic! The music industry today is so lame, I wish I could climb into a time machine and go back about 20 years. By the way, any chance you’d ever work with Sarah Brightman? I just think you could totally change her music in a big way.

  20. lisa

    the grammys are a load of bullshit. i would say more, but the point’s already been made.

    by the way ‘grammy boycott’, you need to chill the fuck out. although i don’t agree with ‘double d’, you need to respect other people’s opinions. lashing out like that only shows your level of maturity–you reacted the way a child would. and don’t preach about ignorance, when you yourself are ignorant. why shouldn’t he read this blog, even if he doesn’t like reznor? that’s like not reading an article about a certain subject, just because you personally don’t like the journalist–even though he/she is right.

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  23. dclxvinoise

    The industry is already a dead system and they know it. The Grammys are a continued pathetic attempt by the industry to pretend that everything is fine with that long dead system and that it is business as usual. Considering that the industry (and this also includes the movie industry) hasn’t really pumped out anything of substance, aside from the rare shining stars, since late 70’s and early 80’s, they really have nothing left but, as you correctly put it “out of touch old men jacking each other off.” Their wares used to reach so many people of different age groups. Now, their bread and butter are mainly the young people who still unfortunately can’t see the forest for the trees buy into the idea that corporate entities such as MTV and what they have to offer pretty much encapsulates all of the music out there that is worthy of listening to. Thankfully due to the internet and recent digital technological advancements these underground artists, musicians, etc. have an efficient medium to reach people so this ridiculous era of ignorance is coming to an end and it scares the living shit out of the industry.

  24. Saymine

    UM, since when do you even care or watch the Grammy’s? From what I gather, you seem to be a private school boy that runs with any emerging (particularly authentic) issues and run with that.
    I want to like your music and even went to your show in Sydney, but seriously I don’t buy your image at all.

  25. Harle X Quinn

    It’s funny though because 70% of my favourite artists have never won a grammy and that shouldn’t be what it’s about, it should be about how many people you bring to the show and with the profit you put on an even better show, forget a cookie you have millions of people looking up to you, that is the reward, the selfless reward… Artists don’t preform like they once use to, with imagination and passion, money gets in the way of everything and when you have everything you tend to become lazy and when you become lazy you are worthless, because you are doing nothing… It’s like the useless depressed man who is moping around all day and night in sorrow waiting for those who will give attention and an answer with some advice that you’ll never consider taking instead of actually getting up and doing something about it so you can regret no more and move on.
    Ah well I forgive the world for being confused, we are as dumb as the mice I catch and dispose in my everyday life..
    It’ll be interesting to watch the world collapse before us.. That’s just how I always imagined it.. 🙂 by the way Trent you’re my hero, you helped me through many rough patches in my life and I am glad that through technology I am able to thank you for all the years I spent spiritually married to the music that was created..

    That’s what music use to be about..

  26. Grammy Boycott

    We need to get a website up and running called grammyboycott.com
    or maybe http://www.gb.com where established artists can submit content for the GRAMMY BOYCOTT broadcast.

    Or… maybe Trent could host the Grammy Boycott program on his site/blog… with a HI-RES video stream for 3 or 4 hours, along with submitted content (original, real, video performances/vblogs from artists) that could be streamed by visitors for 4 hours (this will cover the pre and post Grammy show segments)

    I am sure that there is a company out there that provides real-time HI-RES video streams through some sort of widget that could be downloaded, accesses and used, by placing the video stream directly onto a webpage and controlled by the user. Trent could host the GRAMMY BOYCOTT program and perform/vblog… at his home/studio. This program concept would draw a big audience on Grammy night! It would work for the Grammy Boycott.

    We have to boycott the 50th Grammy Awards.

    Any other ideas out there… for this web program concept?

  27. Grammy Boycott

    It is so nice to read the comments about how music has reached some of you so deeply and how connected you are to it.

  28. dice

    the grammy’s has become a joke now. pathetic. no integrity whatsoever anymore. that’s the stupidest list of nominees i have ever seen. can people stop writing music now, please?

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  31. Grammy Boycott

    Saul Williams, now that’s who the Grammys should be looking to and LISTENING TO!
    AMAZING! wow.

  32. Danielle


    Fuck the Grammys.

    Fuck the industry.

    All they do is drag people along for the ride,

    They don’t care about who they take down along the way, who’s dreams they crush. They don’t care about originality, about reality, about personality.

    All they care about is money.

    Dirty, filthy, money.

    Go make a dollar.

    It’s easier than sending a message.

  33. nshields279

    I work for Rounder Records and we got 11 nomimations. Alison Krauss for best country female vocalist, and Alison Krauss and Robert Plant for best colaboration, not to mention the awards that dont get shown, Jimmy Sturr best polka album, and Mary Chapin Carpenter for best folk americana record. The grammy’s have lost some luster but for a little label like ours it is still a great acomplishment to get nominated.

  34. Meat

    This pretty much describes the music industry:

    A singer with great vocal talent reciting the lyrics of one of the most popular songs of today. I’ll keep both the singer and the song a secret, as it’s actually funny, but the one making a joke of it deserves a new record contract.

  35. Teresa

    I agree, the Grammy’s shut out a lot of talent like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Ashley Tisdale, and Clay Aiken. I wish the Grammy’s would move to ABC so that Disney channel stars would perform at the show, it would be so awesome!

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  37. Gabrielle

    wow I must say, stumbling upon this quote (on another page) totally made my night/morning! You all will probably laugh at me for this, but I checked out the Grammy nominations the other day, absolutely expecting to see Trent nominated for something, but NO! Most of the garbage on there I’ve never even heard and I live in the pop culture capital of america! so much for entertainment…brainwashed zombies, the lot of them! I will gladly join your boycott and engcourage my compadres to do so as well 🙂
    Fight on!

  38. platypussss

    everyone that commented on this should be punched in the face, just for the way they wrote not for what they were commenting on.

  39. Julia a.k.a truble..

    PS— Straight from Toronto….My comments are whole heardidly with Trent……YOU GUYS F-IN ROCK :PPPPPPPPPP !

  40. raheel

    ,,, i just like how The Foo Fighters were nominated for a few categories,
    besides that, I couldn’t careless about the Grammys.

  41. taryn

    So yeah, the music industry. Ahh, what to say about the uterly decaying masses of robots in the industry today. As far as opinions go, I agree with mostly everyone here. The Grammys have a lack of luster anymore and should not be wasting air time. Reznor, you rocK! I will glady join this boycott.

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  44. Lonnie R. West

    What we are seeing is a dramatic shift in the tide… It is an exciting time to be a musician because I think there are a lot of opportunities out there that most people don’t even realize yet. The recording industry model worked for decades simply because it was the ONLY way an artist could record and distribute their music.

    Today, anyone with a decent computer and couple grand worth of equipment can rival what the major studios were able to do. Distribution… We are in the middle of the new frontier, folks.

    The next 10 years will see a shift to artists primarily making money from live performances (just like it was way back before there were recordings!) and all these award shows will simply evaporate because it will truly be the public deciding where the dollars go.

    I applaud Trent’s efforts, and am in complete agreement.

  45. Saymine

    Trent Reznor is such a joke. Standing up against the Grammy’s? Big fucking deal! We all know its full of shit and don’t watch it! Why are you peeved about the Grammys, Mr Reznor? Pissed cos you deep down want recognition? You are the male Madonna.

  46. Grammy Boycott

    Trent rules!



    Together all of us THE ENTIRE WORLD can make a change.

    Collectively we can all elect not to watch the Grammys show.

    Please do your part in this boycott of the Grammys
    Tell your friends, co-workers, everyone and anyone that you come into contact with to BOYCOTT THE GRAMMYS


    Join Grammy Boycott NOW!

  47. Time to move on

    It seems kind of pointless to criticize the mainstream recording industry at this point. First,…you were expecting something revolutionary and visionary to appeal to the teeming masses? That’s just not the way art works. Britney Spears, whomever, et. al. are there to serve one purpose: entertainment. So what if they are the mindless entertainment of the masses? You don’t have to buy their records. You don’t have to watch them on TV. And frankly, based on the way most people are about things they’re passionate about, you’d probably do a double take if all your favorites suddenly appeared on the radio waves and websites. Sacrilege, even. I’m not defending the industry. I just say, wow, there’s a lot of psychic energy wasted on hatred directed at a dying beast. Move on?

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  49. Malorie Knox

    I never watch TV, and I never wath the Grammys.
    I prefer to do my things than to watch people licking other people´s asses.

  50. Ladybug

    I don’t know, it sound a bit like sour grapes to me. I mean if you really didn’t care whether or not you were nominated, then you wouldn’t even mention it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be proud of it. Recognition comes in so many different forms.

  51. Annoyed

    I used to work for the GRAMMY Awards and if people only knew the bulls**t that went on behind the scenes, they would have boycotted the awards a long time ago.

    I work as a manager now and I submitted one of my artists for an award this year just to see what would happen. His material is about 1000x better than the crap that got nominated this year and I doubt that they even listened to the submission since he not a paparazzi princess like the majority of the nominees.

    On a similar note, Universal Music Group sent out some type of correspondence to all of the artists signed to their labels. They told them to pull down any full length songs posted on sites like MySpace and replace them with clips that were no more than 90 seconds long, eliminating peoples ability to stream the full song before purchasing it.

    Talk about an industry putting the nails in its own coffin…

  52. billybob

    Clive Davis screwed one of the best records this year, My December by Kelly Clarkson by knocking it before it even hit the streets. Nice way to treat one of your own artists you old foggie.

  53. Mary

    You’re right.

    I think that the Grammys try and represent too broad a base and they end up just jerking off all the adult contemporary artists. Seems to me that any indie rockrs they give awards to it’s like it’s some sort of afterthought, or perhaps the Grammy committee’s pathetic attmpt at trying to show America that “Hey.. the grammys are cool, see? We just gave the Beastie Boys one. We’re cool, we swear!”

    I think a new award committee is in order, so that we can fully represent the diversity within an important genre of music even though the term “Alternative” just doesn’t cover all of the subgenres adequately.

    And If I were on the committee I’d give Trent every fucking award because he rocks my world.

    It’s true.

  54. Grammy Boycott

    Please join the GRAMMY BOYCOTT

    This is a message to the WORLD



    Do your part to help send a clear message to the recording industry that WE ARE ONTO THEM, we are tired of the nepotism, the corrupt awards process at the Grammys, and the lack of integrity that the GrammyS possess. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Boycott the Grammys!

    Boycott the Grammys!

    We CAN make this happen.


  55. EX FAN

    Trent Reznor

    Don’t you have grammy you hipocritical bastard? Guess what you asshole..you have been the industry’s goth/industrial/s&m poster boy for so many years…how dare you at this point get all rage against the machine on us after being a puppet for so long. Why don’t you become a scientologist you crazy bastard.
    I’m burning all my trent poetry,fan fiction,and all my pre written suicide notes that mention you tonight…it’s going to be hard not to think about you when I touch myself, but im doing for an industry that charges us 18.00 a cd, and a industry that has brought has genius musical acts like limp bizkit and Snow.

  56. rachel

    I don’t even watch tv so I could care less…I just listen to music, its far more engaging. But it has to be REAL music. Not that manufactured shit that gets nominated for the grammy’s. So here’s my theory. Fergie is the rep for Candies shoes, she’s nominated for a few grammy’s, who wants to bet there will be an ad for Candies in the braodcast somewhere…grammy’s = product placement = money for big corps. = just a bunch a old guy’s wanting your hard earned cash…

  57. Rod Peters

    Awww, did Trent not get nominated this year? That might explain the hissy fit.

    What sacred cow is next on the great man’s hit list? Branson, Missouri? American Idol?

    Trent Reznor should take his head out of his ass and realize he’s become an inconsequential joke. A dinosaur. Just like the music industry. Just like the Grammys.

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  59. Trouble for the Grammys

    Look what I found posted on several different blogs …
    This is hilarious! I wonder what the Grammys are gonna do about this?

    December 8, 2007

    (Follow-up to telephone communicaton with your office regarding this nomination issue made on December 7, 2007 (1:00 p.m. EST)

    Mr. Tom Sturges
    Grammy Awards Department
    3402 Pico Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Ph: 310.392.3777
    Fx: 310.392.2306
    Sent Via E-mail to: losangeles@grammy.com

    Dear Mr. Sturges,

    The Grammy nomination for the band ‘Shiny Toy Guns’ (Electronic/Dance
    Album) is not eligible for nomination according to the Grammy
    Awards nomination eligibility rules.
    I am citing the Grammy rule below:
    50th Annual Grammy Awards Nominations – For recordings released
    during the Eligibility Year
    October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007

    The Shiny Toy Guns album ‘We Are Pilots’
    was released prior to October 1, 2006.
    The Shiny Toy Guns band independently released ‘We Are Pilots’
    with the same track list and completed recordings that
    Universal/Motown records re-released under their label (October
    17, 2006) The ‘We Are Pilots’ CD by Shiny Toy Guns was available
    for digital download sale and full online Internet streaming
    prior to October 1, 2006. Universal/Motown records simply changed
    the album artwork/cover photograpy for their October 17, 2006
    release of the album ‘We Are Pilots’
    The ‘We Are Pilots’ Shiny Toy Guns CD was released online by the
    band prior to October 1, 2006 and is therefore not eligible for a
    Grammy nomination.

    ‘We Are Pilots’ by Shiny Toy Guns – track listing and completed
    recorded tracks (as re-released by Universal/Motown records on
    October 17, 2006) was released for full Internet online streaming by the band Shiny Toy Guns prior to October 1, 2006. Therefore the ‘We Are Pilots’ CD by Shiny Toy Guns is NOT ELIGIBLE for a Grammy nomination.

    Please respond to this E-mail detailing what action the Grammy
    Awardes Department intends to take with regards to this matter.

    Universal/Motown records was well aware of the fact that Shiny
    Toy Guns had released the ‘We Are Pilots’ CD on the Internet
    prior to October 1, 2006 (the version that the record company then re-released on October 17, 2006 – with clear intention to attempt a Grammy nomination)

    When will the nepotism at the Grammys end?

    It is a known fact that Universal Records has invested a large
    sum of money into the Shiny Toy Guns band and has not recouped
    it’s investment to date, hence (in my opinion) the attempt to
    circumvent the Grammy Awards rules.

    You may send a response E-mail to my address listed herein.
    Written responses via snail mail can be sent to my attorney.
    Mr. Stephen Kennedy, Esq.
    305 Broadway, Suite 500
    New York, NY 10007
    Attn: (RE: Shiny Toy Guns matter)

    Thank-you for your immediate attention to this very important
    issue. Myself and many other music industry professionals, and
    the public at large await the Grammy Awards Departments ruling
    and course of action regarding Shiny Toy Guns ‘We Are Pilots’ Grammy nomination.

    (Independent Multimedia Producer)

  60. Abigail

    The Grammy’s are not in touch with reality, I don’t know whose reality it reflects but it’s certainly not someone who loves music for all that it can give to both an individual and humanity.

    I don’t scoff at recognition for creation, originality, or genius in music but it shouldn’t be decided by people who aren’t constantly pounding the pavement, getting out there, listening, and interacting with music. The concept of the Grammy’s doesn’t bother me, it’s the standards that have been corrupted by pure money making ventures and suits at labels with lack of vision that ‘rule’ by scare tactics. It blows my mind that labels are still trying to fit the old paradigm of making music into the totally new value chain of music where the music, loyalty, creation, and convenience takes precedence over ‘hit factory’ mentality.

    A lot of musicians b*tch about it the state of the industry, but if you do something about things might change. Individually people have tried to make a difference and I applaud the effort of individual people/bands. But to be effective you icons of different music genres need to get organized! Form a consortium of musicians to help drive the direction of the music industry; you have the power and the networks to create the catalyst for change. If you have a critical mass then the ability to be heard to make a difference is much more powerful, this group of people or designated appointees should be deciding who gets recognized in music not ‘out of touch old men jacking each other off’.

    Last comment. I watched the Grammy’s and The Brit Awards (UK Music award show) last year. How come the UK doesn’t cock it up, what are they doing right? Learn from examples and don’t sit on your a**. People listen to you, not only for your music but also for your vision. Boycotting Grammy’s is a step but on a broader spectrum the boycotting has to come from the musicians…and you all have to support each other.

    A out.

  61. emme

    its all fucked anyway . Trent why dont you become one of those old men that jerk each other off and fuck it up from the inside. we could spend 50p on a fake tash they would never notice

  62. Saymine

    Trent is throwing a hissy fit because he didn’t get nominated this year awwwww! Why the hell is Trent even wasting energy on attacking the Grammy’s? His music isn’t even Grammy material. What’s your REAL agenda???????

  63. Grammy Jerk

    Trent tells it like it is!
    The agenda is to BOYCOTT THE GRAMMYS

    A jerk circle of corruption that needs to be taken to task!

  64. Zzzz

    Re: Grammys…

    You’ll never be as hard core as Levon Helm (to a different generation)… so I guess I can see why you would say that… but your day will come someday… but maybe it will be called something different than Grammys…

  65. Apache Rose

    The Grammy’s haven’t meant anything for a long time…I am so glad for XM radio, becase regular radio hasn’t mattered in a long time either…

  66. maths

    The Grammys are simply an extension of the major labels marketing plan. Bob Lefsetz destroys their case in a great article on his site. while I think that major label chiefs are still re-treading their tired old methods and painting themselves into a corner – more here: http://www.music2dot0.com/archives/87

  67. Jenny

    I guess when you have as much money as Trent that the only way that you can still feel like you are part of the answer and not the problem is by hitting out at the establishment that made you money. What’s next? Trent on “Entertainment Tonight” putting on a “fat” suit to pull an Ugly Betty. I can hear the quote now … “I’m really glad I’m one of the pretty people. Even with the “fat” suit on you could still tell I was one of the beautiful people!” I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had ANY type of power (money, beauty,talent,etc) and its nice to think that Trent feels this way, but sometimes its hard to swallow when he really isn’t risking anything.

  68. Jenny

    P.S. You also know that Trent doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think. He just has someone post this for him, and let’s people talk about it. What better way to stay in the media spotlight. Trent and Pete Wentz can add each other to their myspace account as “friend”.

  69. Dori Doreau

    @ jenny
    if i were trent i’d give a rat’s ass too about the thoughts of people who believe they know oh so good what he’s really thinking, doing and blah.

    but go on, it’s big fun to read all this high & mighty dribble from people like you. never thought this archive could be so entertaining when i started it :mrgreen:

  70. skyla-leigh

    it’s amazing what the world’s media has transformed into. it’s not just the musical aspect (eg the grammys), it’s also what you see on tv. the hurricanes, the mall shootouts, all these people who think they’re tough by starting street brawls. it’s the media that are trying to change our mind and make us believe that you NEED to buy this and you NEED to buy that. if you get sick, you MUST buy this for your kid. if there’s a new ipod released, you NEED to buy a new ipod because its SO MUCH BETTER than the last one.

    i honestly hate the way the world has become.
    i wish i lived in a hole sometimes.

    poor mike shinoda having to announce justin timberlake for one of the nominations. oh dear.

  71. Cherie

    The Grammy’s. Pretty much mean jack to us here in Australia. We love our music – and love it LIVE!
    Radiohead had the right idea – put it out there and see if you really are that popular.

  72. The End of the Grammy's

    Trent, thank-you for your blog post. It has enabled us to comment on the TRUTH about the Grammy’s. I agree that we should all boycott the Grammy’s and not watch. And the people who are posting random comments bashing Trent. Get a life, and if you want to post a comment, then make it something worthwhile and keep it to the Grammy’s because that’s what this blog post is supposed to address.

    Boycott the Grammy’s this year, very good idea.
    I won’t be watching the Grammy’s and I hope that everyone else does their part and keeps their TV’s turned off on February 10th 2008.

    The Grammy’s are a joke. I hope that allot of the winning artists this year don’t bother showing up and refuse to accept their Grammy’s in solidarity with sending a CLEAR MESSAGE to the Grammy’s and the music industry.

    It’s OVER for the Grammy’s.
    I really believe that the 50th Grammy’s will end up being the last. And if not the LAST Grammy’s, then probably the last Grammy’s where the Grammy show will pull in any kind of substantial audience.

    The Grammy’s are SO OVER!

  73. Dori Doreau

    just a reminder: this blog archive is as unofficial as it can be, i’m sure trent’s not going to read what you write in here (there’s a link under the blog entry to the official comment section if you need it), and i don’t remember making anyone a co-moderator on this blog. the rules at THIS place are made by ME, and i don’t care if you people write comments about the blog entries topic or just what crosses your mind, positive or negative, as long as you use some common sense when you chose your words.
    as i said before, the “haters” can be pretty entertaining :mrgreen:

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  75. Go Trent

    These comments are pretty official sounding to me!
    And they’re extremely VALID!

    The Grammy’s are useless! I agree with everyone on here.

    Trent hit it RIGHT ON with his suggestion

  76. Dori Doreau

    @ Go Trent
    Once again: the blog entries here are official – this blog archive itself is not. there is just ONE official place, and that is nin.com – but they don’t archive the blog entries, so i started this archive. this place is from a fan for fans (and everybody else who’s interested in trent’s blog) and therefore 100% unofficial and ruled by robotic koalas … erm … stop, that was something else …

  77. Go Trent

    Well, I;m glad you’re archiving this. It’s important that everyone support the GRAMMY boycott.

    I’m going to start a GRAMMY BOYCOTT website and try to get artists to contribute performances for an Internet broadcast that will run at the same time as the GRAMMY broadcast. I hope that Trent gets a group of artists together and streams his own GRAMMY BOYCOTT show on February 10th.

  78. DigitalFreak07

    Everything that Trent says is 110% true! I work at UMG and I know what he’s saying about the industry…it’s so sad. The grammy’s are a fucking joke and do not represent the artists that do work hard to make their own music..just the corporate made wannabe artists that don’t even write their own shit..GET ALL THE CREDIT! I have the new NIN record and it’s a masterpiece, NIN is the only band that doesnt put out their work until it’s stellar!

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  80. Jackie

    I just find it amusing that a strained vulgarity is some sort of epiphany. I highly doubt that the machine behind the Grammys is that mindless. It’s been severely influencing the the music industry for years upon years. Although, I do agree that a certain shift needs to be made in the music industry. It seems that the purpose of writing music is lost on the majority of “artists” these days. Music is lyrical poetry and someone else writing empty words for a pretty face to sing is just an abhorrence. The main stage of music that is presented to the majority of the populous is just greed controlling vapid marionettes. It’s sad really.

  81. shanna

    who cares about the grammies anyway. shouldn’t artist create art for themselves and not the critics?

  82. E

    “Out of touch old men jacking each other off”–this is what I do all day at my hedge fund

    Seriously, he’s right. Regular people’s solution–dont buy shit music or support it in any way–then at least your conscience is clear

  83. Raudel

    Hello everybody. This is an honest comment:

    I remember perfectly last year’s grammys. I had to see it to believe it. There was great sadness to see that, same as the Oscars, the Grammys have slowly and sadly turned into showbiz. There was a moment when the chilli peppers got on stage and shouted: WE NEED MORE ROCKBANDS!

    The industry wants music to die. They want Dixie Chicks to get Grammys (sorry for their fans but i have to use them in my example), and let the truly songwriters, the talent stay behind. They let artists like Trent Reznor, Radiohead, so many that are NOW taking revolutionary and exiting ACTION against unfair industry treatments like these.

    I am proud to say that I support music! I support the artist. I support the fact that it is possible to be independent and still be hand to hand with the artist and with ART…cause at the end of all MUSIC it’s what we are all want.

    we at http://www.x1fmradio.com support independent music, we support freedom of music, we support Trent Reznor and his ability to be unique.


  84. Kristina

    To point the obvious – the old men will disappear eventually. As Will Farrell in Talladega night said: 98% of the people die at some point in their life….

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  86. Mike

    Actually, the Grammy’s are voted on by artists and producers. You can only vote if your name appears on the credits of a commercially distributed album. If you’re an artist and you give a shit about who wins Grammy’s (and obviously you do give a shit if you’re bitching about it) but you don’t like who’s winnning the Grammy’s, then you should join the academy and vote for the artists you like.

    The problem with the Grammy’s is that out of the 80,000 members of the academy, most of them are older (over 40). The first ballot is really really long when you get it (100 nominations in each category in the first round, narrowed down to 5 for the actual award) and you don’t get some sort of listening website to go with it, so most people vote for what’s familiar. Multiply that sort of behavior across the country and it’s easy to see that the most popular albums will end up with the most votes.

    It’s not rigged by labels, it just so happens that the members of the academy who vote happen to be more familiar with music that is out in the mainstream. (just like the rest of the population)

    The recording academy itself, which is responsible for the grammys, actually does some really cool stuff though. They’ve spent millions of dollars buying instruments for musicians in New Orleans who lost everything after Katrina. They support music in schools and award grants to music departments that need funding. They help connect a lot of artists together including helping young at risk kids learn about music instead of joining gangs. And the academy wouldn’t be able to do that stuff without the advertising revenue that is brought in by the (very mainstream) awards show.

    So although it is great to go on a tirade about the music industry and talk about how it’s all about money, there are some things that grammys are good for, and one of those things is to raise money for some good causes that support less fortunate musicians. Besides, I doubt that most people who read this blog really want Trent to win a grammy anyway. He’s a great artist, but who wants to see your favorite artist get discovered by the mainstream…

  87. Another Black season

    In response to Mike. And yes, I run an indie label and grammy makes it quite clear when you submit a band or artist for the major catagories that it has to be a known artist or forget about it – you don’t stand a chance. The system is completely flawed and misleading to the public.

  88. kasper_kane

    pretentious and idiotic declarations of who lost integrity.

    indulgent idol worship geared to proclaim things like.

    ‘who is better’.

    something has gone terribly awry in the music industry

    who will save it…

    artists being supressed and depressed and kept poor

    despite all will and drive and creativity

    on the verge of death

    whilst well off artists are being patted on the back

    for the contributions they made 40 years ago

    which should still be celebrated

    but moved on from

    one day you shall be invited into the pit of decay with these phonies that have lost all real comprehension of the works they produced ages ago. generations will have finally been desensitized enough for a mass release of the broken video and they will want you to prance up in some sympathetic man in black costume smiling despite the creul nature of the work in discussion. some mom on a couch watching will say ‘i used to be so in love with him’ and the kid will pull a knife on her.

    will you be attending the grammys in 2041?

    we must know!

  89. kasper_kane

    its going to be EX-FANS BOY THAT COMMITS THE ACT

    i’ve got’ch’ya’all’fo’fi’dolla’

    …hipocritical bastard…Guess what you asshole..after being a puppet for so long…crazy bastard…pre written suicide notes…it’s going to be hard…when I touch myself…but im doing it for $18.00 on a cd…genius…biscuit…)

    some peoples need to chill out

  90. badgirl

    i’m thinking that the grammys are for people to look at all the ‘pretty people’…so fukking boring. trite!

  91. kari

    is this really trent reznor.. speaking on this site.. or is it some a$$ being a wana be?
    but i must say i love trent , as if he never heard that one… before..
    but god i would love to marry him.. hell have dinner with him.
    he is just so lovely.

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