What are you reading this for? Go see it!!!

posted by Trent Reznor at 8:04 pm

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24 thoughts on “Cloverfield!

  1. francesca

    Trent reznor….We read this because we are your fans.
    I dont love you like a crazy fan, I am not a crazy fan who is obsessed with you, you change my life in a moment so sad, I think you hate the simple people with a brain not damaged, but respect the your fuckin´ fans who realy feel your essence…yuo damned pretty hate machine…
    From Chile…the ass of the world….

  2. Vega Chastain

    The monster is so cool. And at the end when you can hear the voices – I read online that backwards the track says “it’s still alive”. hehehehehe Love it!

  3. francesca

    Nobody, I have a question, Trent Reznor really read this blog, or is a machine, or Stephen Hawking computer?….
    from one ass of the world…..

  4. nobody

    I dont know … i think that trent read this blog =)
    but i dont know … im sorry , my English is not good …

  5. Camille

    F__king scary. But then again, I am known about town as a Scardy Cat. I was like ‘eeeek’ ‘ooooauhooook’ ‘aiiyyyy’. Knicked people off in the cinema, but quite thrilling and gripping overall. Some NIN tracks would have added to the depth and darkness of the flick. Just saying…

  6. pants

    duuuuuuuuuude! thas right i called you dude.
    so i watched this movie on the net, and it was like really good quality and everything and i loved it. i actually loved it so much that i went to the movie theatre and watched it, again!! tickets here are only $7.50 and well worth it!
    cloverfield was frightening, emotional, funny and f*cken brilliant.

    note: just don’t watch it high or else you’ll have the worst trip outs of your life and won’t be able to enjoy it.

    o and p.s. i’ve been hearing the remix to zero-sum on the radio[im in canada, the radio here isnt complete crap, they play some decent shit (punkaramas and industrial nights)]. it’s pretty cool.


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