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The new Nine Inch Nails record is available RIGHT NOW! (kind of)

We thought we bought enough beer but too many of you showed up for the party. We are fixing the Ghosts site right now, I am told it will be back up 100% in a few hours.
In the meantime, you can buy the whole new record at Amazon if you are in the US, or you can get Ghosts I at The Pirate Bay if you know about torrents, or RIGHT HERE directly.

We are sorry for the trouble (but you know it’s worth it!)

posted by Trent Reznor at 6:02 pm pst, from hong kong

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12 thoughts on “(no subject)

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  4. Corie

    Yeah honestly, I wasn’t even worried about it. I knew a ton of people would be on the site, so I just waiting my turn. What a surprise this record is. I already can’t get enough of it and really can’t wait until the hard copies come in the mail!

    Thanks Trent!


  5. ianeksi

    “We thought we bought enough beer but too many of you showed up for the party.” – Yeah I think my neighbor is haivng that problem as we speak.

    Piratebay.org worked great for me, NIN is so fucking awesome. 🙂

  6. Miwwu

    First he tells us to wait and the he says: “Yes, we fucked up!” But it was sure as hell worth of it!
    Hong Kong? Oh Trent, you always surprise me :]

  7. Dark Angel (Sherry)

    Ghosts, when I put on the first track….Closing my eyes while listening…It makes me think of the late fall, with barely any leaves left on the branches of almost naked trees and a slight wind going through the trees making some of the leaves fall and the setting is of an old graveyard. It is a relaxing tune and picture for me. Thanks, sweet Prince


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