The new Nine Inch Nails record is available RIGHT NOW! (for real this time)

Sorry again about the hassle. Somebody kicked the plug out of our internets, but we’re all set now.


posted by Trent Reznor at 8:00 pm pst, from hong kong

comments @ nin.com


30 thoughts on “WE ARE BACK!

  1. Mark

    Couldn’t sleep any longer. So I cam out and thought I’d check the link. It’s screaming now. I was getting 3+ hours before now it says 7 minutes 🙂 -Thanks I can’t wait to give it a listen. This new distributing your own music thing has still got to get it’s kinks worked out. How do you plan for and unknown demand?

  2. seijune

    My father is little bit older than TR and I respect you so much!

    Good luck whatever you guys doing in Hong Kong~~~

    Thank you again for your MUSIC!

  3. Jordan Peacock

    This would be what bittorrent would be for…scalable distribution..

    I’m buying the download again, the link from yesterday is still fucked…meh.

    At least I’ll get some quality listening out of it. 🙂

  4. Kaz

    How long you guys in Hong Kong for?! What brings you guys back?!Btw, the concert ye did in HK last year ROCKED OUR WORLD;) heres hoping there is more to come!

  5. Bastard No. 1

    Wow. This is incredible. Lay down, turn the lights out and crank it in the dark. It’s really a head trip. This is some of the best work Trent has ever done. New and eventful all while still maintaining the NIN sound. This is how the whole music process should be. $5 for a basic download. $10 for the physical CDs and then anyone that wants more – can spend the extra money and get all the deluxes. Hell, 2500 copies of the $300 package sold out in a day! This is very fair all around. Kudos to Trent – always been a big fan of NIN and how could I not like him even more now. Great job with this whole thing.

  6. Maxwell Lorow

    I knew if you were still alive you would do great things. Thanks for working so hard for us fans.

  7. Ashley

    This is a good album, so spend the 5 dollars to download this album. Don’t be a leech and not pay.

  8. Firesong

    Woo hoo!! I’m sooooooooo glad I logged-on to NIN.com tonight. Found new stuff which is always a good thing. Especially if it’s from Trent and NIN love them both. I spent the $10 + S&H for the physical CD as well as all the downloadable goodies. Yay for me.

  9. yahaira

    I didn’t have any problems downloading it on Tuesday and have been listening to it since then. I love the PDF booklet as well, the photographs are breathtaking. This is the way music should be distributed!

  10. Nadia

    This is what music is actually about. This is what art is actually about. You communicate feelings.

  11. Norn

    you should be sorry allot of people are going through hell just to buy the album and suffering cus of the money is being ripped from they’re pockets….

    I’m not going to lie!!! Not lying to you would be kissing your ass
    these lips aren’t going to your behind no sir!!

  12. Dori Doreau

    @ norn
    the magic words are creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike license. go and educate yourself about it.
    and btw… trent’s still not reading the comments in this archive since it’s still 100% inofficial. and will be 100% inofficial forever. got it? good.

  13. Norn

    to Dori Doreau

    Who are you? His fairy-blog-mother? I give trent good comments and even if he doesn’t read this did I leave a stain in the carpet?

    I know the magic words missy…do I have to get pass you to say something?

  14. Dori Doreau

    @ norn

    a) i’m the admin of this blog. and my fuse is sometimes pretty short.

    b) i read your brainmelting idiotic postings at ETS and Perfect Isolation, therefore i know for a fact that your connection to reality is pretty loose. if there is any connection left at all. so see it as a free service that i tell you about trent’s absence on this place.

    c) well-founded criticism on nin, trent or this blog is something i’m perfectly fine with. insubstantial bubbling like yours is something to have fun with.

  15. Chris

    Mr. Trent Reznor…Could you pleeeease come to Brasil for a concert? Last time you came, for Claro Festival, it was awful. The whole festival was awful. So please come again for another show, just for nine inch nails fans. Thank you.


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