Everything is right on track

Today’s checklist:

hold the standard CD version of GHOSTS in my hands: CHECK
see the new deluxe packages coming off the printing press: CHECK
listen to the Blu-Ray version of GHOSTS to check for errors: CHECK
start working on set-lists for the upcoming tour: CHECK
continue work on a something I can’t tell you about yet: CHECK
get a shitty, poorly written “review” of GHOSTS by an asshole who probably didn’t listen to the record on Pitchfork: CHECK

Everything going as planned!
More soon.

posted by Trent Reznor at 2:57 pm pst, from los angeles

comments @ nin.com

added: click here for the shitty, poorly written “review” of GHOSTS by an asshole who probably didn’t listen to the record on Pitchfork.

(i’ve seen much worse reviews. stop being a cry-baby, trent. xoxo, dori.)


16 thoughts on “Everything is right on track

  1. Heather

    I love GHOSTS and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. I cannot wait to see you in August – I just bought floor tickets!!!
    Thank you for coming back to St. Louis =)
    Take Care guys.


  2. Katie

    Something you can’t tell us about yet….fuck yeah!
    Funny though, I was looking at reviews for Ghosts yesterday, as for the pitchfork one, meh, an asshole’s an asshole, that’s all there is to it 🙂

  3. woowooteacup

    Dori – I love that you add these little things to the NIN posts, like the link to the review at Pitchfork. I’ve read the review and essentially, Tom Breihan (the reviewer) is saying is that Ghosts sounds unfinished, like the music could be part of a soundtrack. What’s funny about this is that he makes no mention of NIN’s film festival, or the fact that there’s a musical remix area on NIN’s website. Tom says, “. . . Reznor could take the pieces here and and make great songs out of them . . .,” but the point is that Reznor and Company have created these songs in record time in order to turn them over to the rest of the world to finish them. I’d say, rather than this being a “shitty, poorly written “review”,” it’s a review that doesn’t tell the whole story. As you indicated, Dori, it could have been worse.

  4. Gabrielle

    Hi! speaking of the upcoming tour…does anyone know where to find tickets online? (for the Inglewood show) I’ve searched most of the major ticket sites and have only found 4 tickets. perhaps they’re not available yet…?

  5. zab

    when they start censoring you on sites you always thought were open-minded, then complain. i love all of u

  6. tozan

    Wow. Those that can’t do…criticize those that can, act like they have something intelligent to say, and cry themselves to sleep at night, insanely jealous because they have no talent. That review was written by an asshole. Agreed. Looking forward to the tour. Curious about secret project…

  7. Vale

    Shallow, amateurish review. Nothing special to be hurted by it. The guy obviously tried to be original, bwah!!

  8. graham

    i love you guys, and i understand ghosts was an experiment, but when that critic says the entire ghosts record sounds like a bunch of half finished nin songs that could be great, it sounds to me like hes definitely listened to the enough times to know what hes talking about.

  9. allison

    Man f*** that guy and his snob-assed stuck up doesn’t know what he’s talking about comments/review. Damn.

  10. Char

    I must say that I find it a bit ridiculous for everyone to be saying that the Pitchfork guy is an asshole. I mean, come on, the guy has an opinion and the right to express it! If he’d loved Ghosts, none of you would have a problem with him. Personally, I find all the “I-don’t-care-what-Trent-Reznor-does-I-am-going-love-it-and-also-going-to-hate-anyone-who-doesn’t-like-it” -fans a bit pathetic. I thought the review was ok. The guy obviously knew what he was talking about, he obviously loves NIN, but he just wasn’t that satisfied with Ghosts. I don’t see why that would make it a shitty review. Yeah, maybe he didn’t check all the background information, but I think the point of an album review in general is to review how the ALBUM works AS AN ALBUM. And that’s what the guy did.

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