Welcome back!

posted by Trent Reznor at 5:08 pm pst, from los angeles

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48 thoughts on “Welcome back!

  1. Gigi

    I was waiting for this to happen and it FINALLY DID!!!
    I can’t wait for this tour. I swear I will implode.

  2. Dori Doreau

    and i’m quiet disappointed to see the thing back in the band. never liked him during the old days, and probably will never like him. i hoped for a fresh new face for the band instead this act of nostalgia.


  3. re-d

    ooo strong words ms.doreau. finck’s got a rabid fanbase too.
    but a part of me was still hoping to see aaron north back. yeha he’s got his jubilee thing, but still! I never got a chance to see him onstage 😦

    but if they bring back lohner, all shall be forgiven.

  4. Dori Doreau

    i also don’t want to see lohner, dillon or anyone else from the old days back in the band. one step back is bad enough, and i really hope it won’t last long. nin needs fresh blood instead of muddy stuff from the past.


  5. Vale

    Oh, and I timidly hoped that Aaron’s not the past…:( I think the latest line up was perfect, wasn’t it?..

  6. Dori Doreau

    @ Vale
    i won’t say it was perfect (perfection is boring, imho), but it was the band that felt the best to listen to and to watch on stage. i’m too old to enjoy pure chaos on stage anymore :mrgreen:

  7. Corie

    Hrmmmmm, not sure how I feel about this yet. I have to jump on board with you Dori and admit that Aaron has been my favorite onstage NIN guitarist so far, and that the last revision of the band was the most satisfying on stage. But nonetheless, I think this lineup will be good too. At least Alessandro and Josh remain, and now we’re got Rich Fownes. Wait. Oh yeah. Who the hell is Rich Fownes? Anyone got any info on this chap?

  8. Jenleft


    Does this mean that TEMBLD have lost another guitarist though? If NIN announce a tour in the UK I’d love for Eighties Matchbox to support.

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  10. unlike

    I cant believe this….Aaron is gone? thats shit like really shit. Screw you Trent, screw you.

  11. Jenleft

    He looks different… older… brown hair… what’s going on? I saw him play only about 8 months ago and he really looks different.

  12. Vale

    Oh, thanks God there’s at least a few people here wishing Aaron to stay. The whole situation depresses as hell.

  13. seijune

    I love this guy!!!!

    I am quite surprised that Dori(our lady) don’t like him back and other old NIN


    However, I do agree what Dori said. You must be very progressive person, aren’t you


    But I gotta admit that he looks so amazing~~~

    Good luck NIN!!!


  14. unlike

    Vale.. yeah it looks like nearly no one wants Aaron to stay…its a shame, but the only good thing is that I ve seen them live with Aaron, but I was looking forward to see him {them} again :{ maybe Aaron will return as a nice suprise πŸ™‚ with Trent you never know… πŸ™‚ love them anyway

  15. Vale

    Yeah, there are more supporters than I thought!:) The situation still depresses me, but the whole thing will be better for Aaron’s Jubilee and Jeordie’s Goon Moon (or MM, my goodness…) at least. Just trying to think positively.

  16. jammq

    North sucked. The only people who think this lineup was better are those too young to have seen NIN in ’95 or ’00.

    It’s good to have a guitarist in the band who knows how to, ya know, play the songs.

  17. Dori Doreau

    @ jammq
    i’m an old fart who saw them live ’94 and ’99 and i’m not happy to see robin back in the band. it’s called an opinion and personal taste and has nothing to do with age and liveshow experience.

  18. unlike

    Jeordie was replaced as well? I think Im loosing it. Anyway its shit but what you can do?? And thank you Dori for your comment. Just because Im younger it doesnt mean i cant have my opinion

  19. Vale

    Jammq,and what’s the point of throwing mud at North when he’s already gone? Enjoy Finck’s return if you wish, but have at least the slightest respect for the feelings and opinions of others.

  20. Corie


    Careful with the blanket statements. I was old enough to see them before Aaron, and that is WHY I was less than elated to see that Finck was coming back.

  21. unlike

    how can u know that?but probably u r right… but maybe they ll be in Uk…. πŸ™‚ pls pls if i believed in god i would pray for that. You are from Russia btw (vale) ?

  22. Vale

    Yeah, from Moscow. And you have much more chances there in UK. Though Trent promised to come back here SOON, but all his ‘soons’… He’s bound to show Finck this country now!!

  23. unlike

    Yeah hopefuly he will bring his ass here, but I doupt it. Im btw from Slovakia but living in England now. Hows life in Russia?

  24. Vale

    Russia feels great and has a lot of fun dancing and whirling, but misses NIN terribly! πŸ™‚

  25. Richard

    So does anyone know what happened with North?. Just wondering that’s all.

    However its great to see Finck back and I really hope that they play some shows in the UK this year. That I cannot afford to miss! :).

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