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We have been busy preparing a much-improved online experience for, which we will begin to unveil next month. The new will incorporate much of the interactivity and benefits presently offered on The Spiral, but a paid membership will no longer be required. A free account will be all that is needed to access the features of the new site, and The Spiral in its current form will no longer remain active. As we get closer to the upgrade, we’ll be making more information available to existing Spiral members to better prepare for the transition to the new site.

Ticket pre-sales will still be available on the new site – all members will have the opportunity to pre-purchase great seats on a per-show basis. Details will be forthcoming with ample time before on-sale dates.

For right now, you can become a member by registering at – if you’re a Spiral member, your existing username and password will be preserved on the new site, as it is on the remix site.

We’re very excited to begin offering a wide range of improved interactivity to all nine inch nails fans, all for free.

posted by Rob at 2:43 pm pst, from los angeles

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21 thoughts on “, the spiral, pre-sales

  1. Mary

    [Sigh.] This news has made some NIN fans very upset, especially those who paid for membership in The Spiral.

    I, however, can’t wait to see how it will work. Good for NIN for being ahead of the curve again.

  2. Sarah

    Hi its me again I’m back, Its funny I tried joining the spiral and I forgot my password maybe now i wont forget thankyou nin…

  3. Sarah

    Hey you know what anything that is good in life anything that is Real usually is free…..feel me?All my love to you Reznor

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  5. Bob

    total bullshit….i paid to renew my membership last year…didn’t get a US tour, didn’t get any presale tix, didn’t get shit. so now, every jackass with an ebay account or ticket agency is going to drive up ticket prices for everyone….fucking GREAT idea!

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  7. Dori Doreau

    @ Rudie Kontfell
    do you really believe you are the first and only fan who dreams about this? do you really believe trent reznor would allow you to enter the stage before, during or after a concert to kill the well planned dramaturgy of his show? do you really believe the fans in front of the stage would like this kind of interruption?
    and even if he’s gotten all soft and fluffy inside about your idea, he can’t do it. every other “hardcore” nin fan would demand to propose his bride on a nin stage, and if he says “no”, the drama would start. and i know something about nin fans and drama, i’m on the spiral :mrgreen:

  8. Rudie Kontfell

    @ Dori
    No, I don’t think I’m the first and only fan who has thought about this.
    I don’t know what to believe about Trent Reznor, if you want to know the truth. I mean, before a week or so ago no one would have imagined he’d make The Spiral open to the public, but he is. And before a few weeks ago, no one thought we’d get a brand new, completely unannounced NIN album out of the blue. But we did.
    In ’06 or ’07 he got some girls to bring a birthday cake out to Aaron North on stage (there’s a YouTube video of it). In light of the birthday deal, I’m ignoring the “well planned dramaturgy” of NIN shows. Yes, he plans these things out a great deal, but he makes exceptions and does unusual things fairly regularly.
    You could argue that he knows Aaron North and doesn’t know me, and I admit that much. My response to that is that Reznor cares about his fans, moreso than most artists, so I have to believe that he’d make an exception if a big enough effort is put into something.
    On my blog, I mention that my goal right now is contacting him, and after that I’ll accept whatever else happens. If I’m able to contact him and he says, “That’s cool, but we can’t do it,” then I’ll accept it and that’ll be the end of it. Or, if he says, “That’s cool, but we can’t do that. Let’s do this instead,” I’ll gladly accept that as well.
    And yes, I did think about the fact that other NIN fans would want to do it afterward, and that’s something I have no control over. How many NIN fans are going to put in the EFFORT, though? This isn’t just a matter of me getting on a message board or two and saying I want him to invite me on stage and make a big deal out of it. I’m canvassing every site on the Internet I can find, submitting posts and adding updates as often as I can. I’ve just begun this project and by the end of it I want the story to be everywhere.
    I believe effort and determination count for something.
    It’s one thing to register a domain and create a post that says, “I want to propose at a NIN concert.” It’s another thing to create a blog and post updates IN ADDITION to creating content on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, del.ici.ous, Fark, Digg, Rocketboom, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Newsvine, Technorati, and so on. On top of all the online content I’m going to be keeping track of, I’m contacting radio stations across the country in the hopes of getting a few minutes’ airtime.
    I just want to be heard, you know? That’s what a lot of this is about. I believe that if someone has the noblest of intentions in mind and has a great deal of determination, something positive is bound to happen.
    I’m usually very pessimistic, but this “project” concerns the 2 things that are most important to me: my girlfriend and Nine Inch Nails. No one can stop me from trying.

  9. tozan

    Good Luck in your quest, Rudie! But, with all those postings, your girlfriend is sure to stumble across your proposal on her own. Then, no surprise. I assume she is a NIN Fan as well. Everyone wants to be heard. That’s only human. I see Dori’s point, though. If NIN does it for you, everyone will want to do it, and we would never get through the show. Well, good luck, again.

  10. Dori Doreau

    @ Rudie Kontfell
    well, you are right about aaron’s birthday cake, trent did that ’cause he’s a band member, and fans wouldn’t mind this kind of interruption of the show since he’s a beloved part of the band.
    to be honest, i don’t think you have a chance to get your wish fulfilled, but i wouldn’t mind if i’m wrong.
    whatever will happen, good luck for the two of you! 🙂

  11. Rudie Kontfell

    Thanks for the support, I appreciate it.
    My name isn’t really Rudie, and I’m using a separate Gmail account for all this stuff. I’m intentionally leaving details about the 2 of us out so that, if she does stumble upon something, she won’t know it’s me.
    I can’t stop other NIN fans from trying this, but how many of them are going to be dedicated to the idea? Furthermore, how many people would there be? How many male NIN fans (women don’t usually propose) are seriously dating someone and can align their proposal up with a concert date?
    Also, I have no expectations for this. I seriously don’t expect him to invite me on stage in between sets and allow me to spend 5 minutes on a proposal. I don’t expect that, and for the fans’ sakes I don’t even want it.
    My one and only goal right now is contacting him.

  12. SmartnSekC

    Good Luck Rudie. I’m sorry for any negative energy you’ve received as a result of throwing your idea out here on a public forum inviting readers to put in their two cents. You don’t know what will happen until you’ve tried. Kudos for trying. I don’t know how this is so much more different of an idea than those who propose on a Jumbotron at a sporting event other than the fact this is waaaay cooler and personally would be my preferred venue. I am a spiral member and good fan, and I would not feel ripped off or upset if someone did that at a concert. Now the guy who threw the lighter up on stage hitting Trent, causing the concert to abruptly end…that would piss me off. But alas, we are in a selfish age, so one person asking for special treatment from a star w/o being on their Make-A-Wish deathbed will most likely be viewed as a request for preferential treatment undeserved. Sad but true. I like your perseverance attitude and hope for fruition. Best of luck to both of you!

  13. Dori Doreau

    @ SmartnSekC
    come on, nobody here gave rudie “negative energy” but honest opinions. don’t forget, we are NOT in the comment area of… :mrgreen:


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