I am proud to announce the final personnel lineup of nine inch nails for the foreseeable future. We’ve added, we’ve subtracted and we’ve wound up with unquestionably the strongest lineup I’ve EVER had. Joining me onstage will be Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Freese and Justin Meldal-Johnsen.
We’ve been working on something really special for these shows and so far I couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ll be revealing some live performances shortly here on – in the meantime, we’ve posted some photos from rehearsals up on Flickr here.

Meanwhile, I assume some of you may not be entirely familiar with the acts I’ve chosen to join us on various legs of this tour, so we’ve compiled a sampler EP for you. CLICK HERE to download this for free. If you like what you hear, be sure to show up early to the show (and please remember to support them by purchasing their music, if so inclined).


** we have fixed the download to accommodate those of you living in the 80s running Windows! XOXO

***Since this seems to rear it’s head from time to time, let me once again state: other than the official NIN profiles, I have NO public or private profiles on ANY social network. If any of you are communicating with someone alluding to be me, you are being deceived.


posted by Trent Reznor at 12:20 am pst, from los angeles

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added: the new guy’s website.


15 thoughts on “NEW BAND – NEW TOUR SAMPLER

  1. DAGO

    I would love to see you guys live again, please consider playing in Argentina once more, I’ll buy you coffee!

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  3. vixisabel

    man… why would anyone still be using windows these days?! it’s totally stone age. haha. mac all the way!
    i really love the fact that trent is being so visionary with how he is moving things forward. he’s a total breath of fresh air in this stupid music industry. thanks trent 😀

  4. vixisabel

    Ohhhhhhh and… er I already wrote this as a comment on his picture on flickr (i’m that sad!), but I thought his name was spelt Justin Meldal-Johnsen, yet everywhere i’ve seen his name on nin stuff as Justin Meldal-Johnson… which is right?!

  5. vixisabel

    That’s a slight possibility! I was only playing anyway. Spotting typo’s is one of my annoying habits. Heck, at least they’ve corrected it now.

  6. Francesca

    Dori, maybe you dont know this, but i dont speak english, so i didt understand “the cantina blog” 0_0
    I hate NIN sometimes, arggggggggg, they never come to Chile, damn it, well, i think that its the price i have to pay because i live in the ass of the world…or just the fuckin karma, who know!
    Bye Dori…take care.

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