The Slip retail information

We’re releasing a sales sheet to retail today, so some of you clever buggers will undoubtedly unearth this valuable information! Let me make it easy for you:

The Slip will be available in an individually numbered 2 disc, 6 panel digipak & double gatefold vinyl in the US, Canada, and parts of Japan.
The digi will be LIMITED to 200,000 pieces only, each individually numbered, and will include a DVD of NIN performing live tracks from The Slip at rehearsals, a 24-page booklet, and an exclusive sticker pack.
For UK, Europe, Australia, and other territories, the release will not be limited or numbered, but will otherwise be identical.
The gatefold vinyl release contains 1 LP (180 gram vinyl) and a 24-page booklet (vinyl is not limited or numbered anywhere).

CD Street Date (US & Canada): July 22, 2008
CD Street Date (UK & Europe): July 21, 2008
Vinyl Street Date (US & Canada): August 5, 2008
Vinyl Street Date (UK & Europe): August 4, 2008
Japan and Australia release info is TBA

The Slip will remain free for download indefinitely from

Also, I was rummaging through the archives and found the first part of the “God Given” video we never finished. Enjoy!

posted by Trent Reznor at 2:22 pm pst, from los angeles

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5 thoughts on “The Slip retail information

  1. James R.

    Bah, I want a numbered one but my Britishness leaves me with a lack of NTSC player – anyone know if it’ll be region free, or if I can bung it into my Blu-Ray to make it work?

  2. Retsigam

    You never know what to find on Japanese TV!
    I somehow find it a bit… cute, like: “Ah, how cute!”

  3. pくん

    gosh, great! I love Japan, thats why I live here ^-^ Hope I can get the record also in Yokohama, not only Tokyo… Any hint, where to go?


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