The Slip retail information (updated 21 June 08)

We’re releasing a sales sheet to retail today, so some of you clever buggers will undoubtedly unearth this valuable information! Let me make it easy for you:

The Slip will be available in an individually numbered 2 disc, 6 panel digipak & double gatefold vinyl.
The digi will be LIMITED to 250,000 pieces only, each individually numbered, and will include a DVD of NIN performing live tracks from The Slip at rehearsals, a 24-page booklet, and an exclusive sticker pack.

UPDATE: The same limited edition digipak will now be released everywhere – limited to 250,000 worldwide. This will be the only version of the digipak available.

The gatefold vinyl release contains 1 LP (180 gram vinyl) and a 24-page booklet (vinyl is not limited or numbered).

CD Street Date (US & Canada): July 22, 2008
CD Street Date (UK & Europe): July 21, 2008
Vinyl Street Date (US & Canada): August 5, 2008
Vinyl Street Date (UK & Europe): August 4, 2008
Japan and Australia release info is TBA

The Slip will remain free for download indefinitely from

Also, I was rummaging through the archives and found the first part of the “God Given” video we never finished. Enjoy!

posted by Trent Reznor at 2:22 pm pst, from los angeles

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8 thoughts on “The Slip retail information (updated 21 June 08)

  1. Francesca

    My comment is not here anymore, what the hell!
    well, Satan put his tale here!!!

  2. Cliffe

    I am looking forward to the DVD.

    You may be interested in the album I just recently released. It is available free to download. Licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence. This licence lets you use this music for commercial products or make remixes or other derivative works, so long as you give credit to the original artists. Politics Apocalypse is political and subversive post-industrial rock with an interesting mix of classical instruments, guitars, electronic beats, and a small dash of aussie hip-hop. You can download the whole 11 track album at no cost at our website. We are also doing a name your own price CD (starting at cost price). I don’t mean to spam but I am trying to get the word out to those who may be interested.

  3. Dori Doreau

    @ Francesca
    i’m not guilty, just in case you think i deleted it!

    @ Cliffe
    don’t worry, since you deliver good info about your music without going “OMG trent i haz made some musiek will yu listen kthxby!!1!” (don’t laugh, i deleted stuff like this) i don’t consider it as spam.
    but for the love of the flying spaghetti monster – change the backgrounds of your site! my eyes are still hurting! 😛

  4. Dark Angel (Sherry)

    Very interesting with the “God Given” video…I thought it would be something different……Not to get off of this subject, but I finally saw “closer” video tonight even though I’ve listened to it umpteen times…LOVED how you were bondaged, GAWD was that ever HOT! I will now keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, this could turn into a FORUM if I really start to say what’s on my mind;)

  5. Young Brother

    “The Slip” is great. I’m so happy that Trent is as addicted to the political/moral state of America…but that’s because I’ve been blogging about George Bush being the Antichrist for three years now (on top of being a long-time NIN fan).

    Such a dangerous threat is looming like a guillotine blade above the neck of the world…who has the courage to look up and examine it? Very few. I’m fascinated by this rumor that there will be a 3rd disc in The Slip’s release (entitled “The Takeover”). Even if it’s not true, that title points to exactly what Reznor and others have been warning about…that George Bush will continue on his Hitler-esque rise to power, declare martial law, and put his Halliburton-built Concentration Camps to use before leaving office.

    The Writing is on The Wall…The Warnings are all around us. Evil is very real and obvious to those who look…May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts.


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