The Slip Download Map

We are hard at work preparing for the upcoming tour. Lots of new surprises in store, and a stage that makes my head hurt thinking about it (kind of in a good way… kind of).

Anyway, our computer wizards presented some data to us in an interesting way and we thought we’d share it with you. CLICK HERE to download a Google Earth KML file representing downloads of our latest record The Slip according to geographic region. We’ve had just over 1,400,000 people download The Slip from our site since its release May 5th (that number represents individual people, and excludes multiple downloads from the same order), and this map displays ONLY downloads that came directly from us.

To open the file, make sure you have the Google Earth software installed first. If the KML doesn’t open automatically, find the downloaded file on your hard drive and double-click it. Once it’s open, you’ll want to turn off other layers for the best view. Slower computers might have some trouble running this file.

Here are some screenshots:

P.S. – If you are one of the people from Fiji who got the record, can we crash on your couch?

Additional note to artists:
The idea for this visualization originally came from some data sent to us by Topspin. These guys helped us out with our digital delivery for a while and are in my opinion the best option out there for artists to deliver their goods to their audience on their own terms. Keep an eye on them – they are leagues ahead of everyone else in terms of infrastructure and philosophy.

posted by Trent Reznor at 12:08 am pst, from los angeles

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added: ian rogers, ceo at topspin, posted this in response!


12 thoughts on “The Slip Download Map

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  4. m. gilbert

    Looks like the Fijian downloads are from the University of the South Pacific – Suva, Fiji

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  6. Lynn

    what would be amazing too with this would be if google earth and Microsoft’s Photosynth got together and you could see and peruse in 3d the tour from all the photos people have/will post to their flickr accounts. I’m not sure if Photosynth is anything more than beta at this point, but the abilities of it would be mind boggling. people would be able to experience the tour all over the world through photos and possibly video(were they to open it up to that), all cataloged in one place and search-able through google earth. (if you havent heard of Photosynth, look it up on youtube, there is a video)

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