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The Slip is now out! If you are interested in this limited edition physical version, act soon as we are only making one run of these. For more detailed information, CLICK HERE.

The Slip continues to be available as a free download RIGHT HERE.

We are leaving for our tour that begins THIS WEEK! The first wave of tour dates are RIGHT HERE. Keep watching – many more will be announced soon.

The new is right around the corner…

posted by Trent Reznor at 7:26 PM pst, from los angeles

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5 thoughts on “the latest

  1. Stephanie

    Just got home from buying my copy of TS, unfortunately, it was not either of the copies above but fortunately IT KICKS ASS!! Love the DVD, seriously good stuff. They made the sessions feel intimate while at the same time professional…worth the money…also ripped the f’ing corner on mine as i was taking out the booklet, guess i was a bit too excited but can you blame a girl:)

    i got copy # 150,085/250,000 what did everyone else get?!

  2. Stephanie

    Also…please come to Fresno, i know we suck as a whole but the NIN fans here are loyal to a fucking extreme!!

  3. Gdsoldier

    So mysterious all the time. Well you have a nice brown eye. Lol. k thats gross… but thanks for the Slip. Such a great addition to your collection. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I never ever cease to be amazed.

  4. Lindsey Cormier

    red and black is the WORST color combination! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!! 111bbq!

    Haha, my fingers are longer than your’s and i’m 5’0.

    what the hell kind of fan makes fun of their favorite musician?


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