NIN Minneapolis show at Target Center postponed to November 25th

We regret to announce that due to illness, the Minneapolis show originally scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd at the Target Center has been postponed. The band is sincerely sorry for the last minute announcement, but after receiving doctor’s orders not to perform, Trent has reluctantly agreed to the postponement.

The concert is being rescheduled for Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at Target Center. All tickets purchased for the August 2nd concert will be honored on the new date. For those unable to attend the rescheduled date of November 25th, a refund will be available at original point of purchase.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

posted by NIN PR at 7:04 pm local time, via mobile (minneapolis, usa)

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13 thoughts on “NIN Minneapolis show at Target Center postponed to November 25th

  1. Lil_Wish

    ohh, sad news:( never wanted to read it 😦 baby is sick…the effect of overworking I guess 😦

  2. nikw

    hope you’re feeling better today — nothing wrong with slowing down a little you know — even musical genius needs a rest every now and again..

  3. Dark Angel (Sherry)

    I was super shocked, didn’t think that ANYTHING could ruin my weekend. Heard it on 93X, right after I was done working out (10:00pm) and the F bomb (Frick) couldn’t stop coming out of my mouth. I will be out of town during the postponed date when Trent comes back and there is nothing I can do to stay:( It’s not the money at all that I care about losing. It was that I finally had seats close enough to finally see Trent in person form instead of at a blur in the stands…I am just really bummed AND at the same time very concerned of hoping that it isn’t something serious that he is ill from. Trent, you are in my prayers. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  4. Adam Rudd

    Sucky!!! Well don’t kill yourself with over working yourself. Last thing the world we needs now. Is a mentally exhausted Trent masturbating in a corner, and mumbling to himself. See yea in Nov. Always love your work.

  5. krista

    lol i have a strange feeling i cought a cold from him at baltimore! i got really sick the day after the show i had to go to work with the worst sore throat of my life! i sounded horrible. i know how he felt :/ erm .. i think….


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