Incredible lightning storm over Oklahoma City

posted by Rob at 9:00 pm local time, via mobile (oklahoma city, usa)

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6 thoughts on “Incredible lightning storm over Oklahoma City

  1. James

    Ive always wanted to know when exactly to snap a shot of pending lighting, i seem to catch it right before or a split second after

  2. Luke

    If he took that picture with a cell phone that’s amazing! Other than that if you have a Digital SLR camera if that’s what I think he has or any camera with bulb setting, Set your camera up on a tripod set the camera to bulb use a remote cord, hit the shutter open and when the lightning flashes let go of the shutter and walla! You got your shot. As long as the shutter was open to long and you didn’t over exposed it you should be ok. There are a few other settings like aperature and ISO that come into play for image quality. Rob either shot this with a cell phone which is amazing if he did or he shot the image at a high ISO with out a tripod… but I doubt without a tripod. A long exposure is impossible to shoot still without a tripod or something to hold the camera still because trust me it is impossible to hold a camera still with your bare hands and your shutter speed any lower than 1/30 without getting camera shake. Cool shot Rob! I can’t wait for you guys to get to NJ!!! So fucking cool!

    I took a lightning shot when I was on vacation check it here:


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