Check the PERFORMANCE section of the site for another wave of North American dates just announced!

(those of you outside North America, have faith… you never know what could happen!)

posted by Trent Reznor at 12:02 am local time, via mobile (oklahoma city, usa)

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  1. kooshball

    2 shows in Iowa, but no Milwaukee/Madison/Chicago/Green Bay…

    The whole state of Iowa can fit into one show!

    Guess I hold out hope for a 3rd leg to be announced.

  2. kajsidog

    Best late birthday gift ever. I was bummed I was going to miss this tour. See ya in Jacksionville. Thanks guys.

  3. Marie

    thanks for Montreal and Ottawa, with the re-scedule date for Worcester the same week!!! 3 more shows in november yahou!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alamo City

    Never mind, I just saw your new San Antonio date. You’re the best Trent. See you guys in October!

  5. Kasie

    Fuck me! I said last year that I was going to see 3 shows minimum and I never thought it would happen. I went to Duluth and now my ass is going to, none other than 2 more shows! FUCK!

  6. Dani

    Holy crap….finally a show in Hamilton!!! NIN fans are all over the place in this city, should be a great crowd for that show!

  7. Kim

    saw you in Toronto, and was hoping you might swing by again. It was amazing. Hopefully Hamilton will be just as amazing. Take care of those vocal chords Trent and we’ll see you again in a couple months.

  8. sierra

    Thank you so much for coming to north carolina, the crowd is a little more observational in appreciation. i just saw you in tenneesee, and am looking forward to a fabulous time at the vegas show ….. Trent does vegas….

  9. kelli

    faith…..hmmnn…define faith… a heart buried in existentialism I find it hard to have faith so the aussie ninions youll probably notice me on facebook asking fans to join a group called Nin Lights in the sky over Australia join it and hope that this post doesnt get censored, if i say trent reznor you are god in an existentialist sense does this make sense?…lol Im just talking drivel now


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