Exclusive Voodoo Fest Presale Tickets

The 2008 Voodoo Experience is offering Nine Inch Nails fans an exclusive presale ticket opportunity for the festival in New Orleans. For 48 hours beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3rd, single-day presale tickets will be available for $35, instead of the face value of $50. You will also be able to purchase a 3-day ticket for $115, instead of the face value of $125. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, September 5th.

To purchase presale tickets, visit http://www.ticketmaster.com/Voodoo-Experience-tickets/artist/840263 beginning at 9am eastern time tomorrow (Wednesday, September 3rd), and enter the code listed below.

Nine Inch Nails are playing on Saturday, October 25, 2008
Pre-Sale Ticketmaster Code (case sensitive): voonin
Wednesday 9/3 Pre-sale price: $35
Friday 9/5 price: $50
Current 3-day ticket price: $115
Friday 9/5 3-day ticket price: $125
Pre-sale Dates: 9/3- 9/5 (9am – 9am eastern)

posted by NIN PR at 5:59 pm local time, via mobile

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added: contrary to nin.com’s claim, here’s the comments @ nin.com.
thanks to nympholept!


5 thoughts on “Exclusive Voodoo Fest Presale Tickets

  1. Wordsmith

    How did the PR person for NIN get hired? Seriously. It would seem to me that a PR person would need to have at least a modicum of ability to construct sentences in the native language for the business he/she is providing services for, so as to get the syntax, conjugation and other basic precepts of the language correct when making announcements, disseminating news and generally publicizing the business for which he/she works. Additionally, as an added bonus, a PR person should be able to organize any information provided to the public about the business in a linear and logical way to facilitate economy, and make it easy for the intended recipients to understand the information.

    Performing these functions via mobile is no excuse for poor work product when one is being paid to be *the* professional in a designated field. It is infinitely disturbing to see these fundamental errors on the front page of the international business portal of a multi- million dollar corporation. Makes it look you don’t speak native language understand can’t well.

    I’m not meaning to be ugly here. Truly, I am not. Correct me if I am wrong, since I haven’t read the Articles of Incorporation, but NIN is, I believe, a business for the purpose of making money through its endeavors in the field of Arts and Entertainment. Part of what I do for a living is reviewing, copy editing and approving PR, marketing and other information intended for public release for multi-million dollar corporations. It is important to get information to your customers, and it is just as important to make sure it doesn’t look like it was written by someone in middle school.

  2. Dori Doreau

    dear wordsmith, why don’t you just spare us with your bloated self-important blabber? nobody’s interested in your lesson in business english, since i’m damned sure everybody understands pretty good what’s written by nin’s pr guy. hell, even i understand it, and i’m far away from good english skills.

    and next time use your oh so great pr skills to write in the official blog’s comments. fyi: there’s even a link below the article. in plain english.

  3. Gabriel

    Hola Gente !

    [ long advertisement is looong – and deleted. xoxo, dori ]

    El Equipo de Live Tours
    Gabriel Navarro


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