Short Break

I’d like to thank all of you who attended the first leg of the Lights In The Sky tour. If you missed it, check the schedule – we’ll be playing through the rest of this year. If you’ve seen it, come back – we’ll have some new tricks up our sleeve on this next leg. We’re very proud of this show and it’s been exciting (and quite the challenge) for us to present it to you.

Oh, and it was quite a surprise to get back home, turn on the television and discover we’ve apparently won the war in Iraq! Yeah, some woman from Alaska said so – apparently that troop surge was all we needed! That’s good news, because I was starting to think all the shame and embarrassment I’ve felt as an American citizen traveling abroad the last few years wasn’t going to pay off in the end. Now I can rest easy knowing we’ve successfully spread FREEDOM – AND we’ve stopped evildoers in their tracks.

US citizens: Nobody wants anyone preaching their opinions at them – particularly a musician – but PLEASE get involved and pay attention to what’s happening during this election and try to see through the clutter to the substance of what is or isn’t being said.
Wouldn’t it be great to feel proud of this country for a change? Seems like it’s within reach.

OK – I got it out of my system. Thanks for reading.

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46 thoughts on “Short Break

  1. Paris Hilton

    I’m gonna miss your daily photo updates, ya know.
    They make my day.

    Anyways, i’m sorry i didn’t go see a show. I’m stuck in Denmark.
    You should come!
    We miss you guys.

  2. r8ven

    amen. palin’s out of her fucking mind. if any of you (us) women out there think breaking the glass ceiling involves abolishing pro-choice rights even in the case of rape, no gun control, and sucking the dicks of the good old boys, feel free to join her in the crazy boat and sail the fuck outta here. p.s. the red rocks show was amazing. thank you so much, again.

  3. jester13

    Right on! I can’t believe the stark contrast between the polling numbers on issues v. personality (and they call Obama the celebrity) and the female vote swinging because of Palin, like she is somehow the ideal representative for forwarding women’s rights.

    Can’t wait for the stop in Missoula, MT! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a live NIN show.

  4. nickkie

    the more I hear about Palin the more frightened I am by her and her crazy beliefs. And I’m not the only one; at the LA show several people around me voiced their dislike and concern of her while my friend and I were talking about the election.

    I love my country, but I if the republicans win this election we’ve made plans to expatriate. You can only fight so long.

  5. Alta

    I had the chance to see you in Toronto, too bad I have no one to go to the Montreal show with.

    Hope you come to T.O. again.

  6. Bronwyn T.

    I’ve already told family, friends that if Republicans win again I’m outta here. I’ve spoken out, I’ve gotten involved and if Americans are that fucking stupid to elect McCain/Palin I’m outta here. I’ve got Aussie family an I’d be happy to get to know them better. I know every country has it’s problems but the good ole US of A has gone to hell in a hand basket. If people in this country are so against change then what more can I do?! Obama/Biden have given me hope and if that hope goes so do I.

  7. Jason

    Trent, just move to Canada already instead of waiting forever for the U.S. to get its act together.

    This country would welcome you with open arms and instantly embrace you.

  8. adam

    We love you in Idaho, Trent. Will be seeing you a 2nd time in Nampa in December…

    I think we’re far from winning the ‘war’ but amazingly enough the Surge DID work and IS working. We’re going to pull 8K troops out by the end of the year (token GWB last move) and more next year. M/P may not be the best choice for America, but O/B is SOOO much worse. Would you rather have ACTUAL constitutional rights and be left alone or would you like to join the socialist, Marxist future that O/B will bring?

    I don’t know about you, you’ve got way more income than I do, but my opinion is LESS TAX and LESS GOVERNMENT is a good thing. O/B will happily give you the opposite and let you bitch and whine until you’re blue in the face. As a TAXPAYER, I’d like the government to WORK FOR ME not against me and they SURELY don’t need to take care of me or my family.

    All you weenies saying you’re leaving if the Republicans win again…BYE and don’t let the flag hit you in the ass on your way off to Canada or New Zealand, or Bangledesh or wherever you think will be SOOOO much better than our FREE MARKET economy. I think I heard you all bitching last election about the same thing (looking in Hollywood’s general direction) yet NONE of you left. Damn.

    This isn’t really a site for political views, we like your music, plain and simple. Thanks for sharing your view–too bad others can’t keep theirs to themselves.

  9. madamehaha

    Trent, thanks for telling people to pay attention to the elections, I just hope you realize, both republicans & democrats are run by the same puppet masters, even if one is black, & the other is a woman!

  10. B.Taylor

    well that sounds a bit hypocritical to me, on a couple different levels actually (looking in ‘adams’ general direction) and yeah, i do want actual constitutional rights, like the right to do with MY body what I choose. I’ll leave it at that then since you did make ONE valid point; this isn’t the place for political views.

  11. mistake

    The most important message here, devoid of any opinion, is to get involved. VOTE. Do what you can. No matter the outcome, ducking and running just fulfills that old, tired cliché of “love it or leave it.” One of the great things about this country is that We, the People can change it as we see fit. There’s more than one way to run a country…choose yours and hope for the best. I’ve felt some embarassment by my government, but I’m aiming for a changing of the guards. Either way, even if I had the means, I refuse to run.

  12. Jeremy

    Please don’t tell me you’re going to have more political BS in your backgrounds while on tour…. We see enough of that sh*t on a daily basis, one of your shows is the last place I need to see more of it. Make music perform make lots of money then shut up.

  13. sunne

    tr: thank you, thank you, thank you – if the US is going to keep its status as one of the greatest defenders of democracy in the world, there truly needs to be a change. palin strikes me as intelligent, witty and she sure has a way with media – but her views scare the hell out of me. don’t stop talking politics, keep it up instead. i’m sure you can influence quite a lot of people to vote – and voting is essential if democracy is going to work – voting is not just a personal right – it’s an obligation, a personal responsibility. if you don’t vote you’re saying it’s alright to let others decide everything for you. then you don’t deserve democracy.

  14. Shuzannb

    The surge only worked because the Iraqi people are sick and tired of their own violence against each other. The fact still remains that we invaded them under false pretenses and have no business to remain there. Distabilizing the area was the only thing we managed to do. As for the political choices i’d rather not vote for a fringe christian who likes her guns and an old guy. And before you bash, my father is a WW2 vet and i’m extremely proud of what he did. I’m also extremely proud of our military and resent them being used for someone else personal vendettes.

  15. Lillian

    Amen madamehaha! Each side (Republican and Democrat) are crooked as hell! I just don’t believe any politician no matter what race or gender they are or how many promises they make. I’m so sick of the word “change” I could gag myself. We had to vote Bush in not once but TWICE to finally come around to that notion? Excuse my lack of faith in humanity.

  16. jane

    Where do that find these fucking moreons?! It’s the same old bullshit every election no matter how big or small the races are. The thing is smart, well rounded people with common sense stay away from polities because that are don’t want to try to apes everyone else’s ideas on how the world works. These don’t fix the standards of the rest of the sheep. I sure don’t fix what the god fearing expected of there represented to be like. The populists want people that that are not afraid of. Someone that can related to in experience. I am not that person. I will tell you the true why politicians bullshit, destroy there competitors, and pull the wool over most peoples eyes, but not everyone’s eyes will be blinded by the promise that will not be keep ed and lies that will be told. I’m sure not walking around blindly like a dumbass.

  17. sunne

    the only reason bush was elected is that too many people didn’t give a shit about voting. if you are so sick and tired of the political scene in your country, then do something about it. if all american politicians are as fucked up as some people say here (which i refuse to beleive), then do something about it. there’s more to politics than just democrats and republicans. start your own party. become the politician of your dreams. act. seriously.

  18. madamehaha

    Bush was never “Elected” the supreme court gave him the presidency!Both 2000 & 2004 elections were stolen!Throw out your brain washing box, better known as your television!Your being willfully ignorant, GROW UP & face reality, look what is going in this world,if you think we are heading in the right direction, than God bless the sheeple!!

  19. Lillian

    Why is it that shit has to get so terrible before people want this “change” we are all so in need of? I am very involved in politics and always have been. I do what I am able to do, but I also know that information is out there, free for everyone instead of just what comes through your TV. (or brain washing box as madamehaha so aptly put it. I also like the term Stephen King uses- The Glass Teat!) We have known about the Bush administration’s corruption for years. (Or could have known). But I also know that when I was out protesting this “war” and his policies years ago I didn’t find popular support. I was labled as unpatriotic, not supportive of this country and their war on “terror”. Didn’t I love my country? Wasn’t I proud to be an American? Didn’t I support the troops and want vengeance for 9/11??? There was a lot of criticism for people like me. You couldn’t oppose the “war” or Bush in public (and sometimes privately) without being burned in effigy as not supporting your country and president. I pray this country starts moving in the right direction I just pray it’s not too late.

  20. madamehaha

    And what kind of “change” are we talking about? Obama {wolf in sheeps clothing} & Biden {Wolf} are war mongers, I don’t think people are listening to what they are actually saying regarding Iraq, Iran, Pakistan & RUSSIA!
    Don’t get me wrong, McCain & Palin are scary as well, I just think its tome for people to stop loooking at the democrats to save us when they do the SAME things, just better at hiding it. And YES we do need & third,fourth,fifth & sixth party, whatever it takes to have a REAL choice!

  21. madamehaha

    Holy Fuck.This is an “extreme” time we are living in, if you don’t know that, your not paying attention. If “extreme” means being informed & not afraid of having/voicing an opinion , well that’s just sad{and part of the problem}I can’t “relax” knowing we are going into a facist police state!Do you understand the lyrics of “survivalism”,”the hand that feeds”or the whole concept of year zero?..or do you just want to hear that song “I want to fuck you like an animal”?

  22. Kristal

    i am paying attention. I am aware of the time we’re are living.

    FUCK YOU!!!!! That’s how I feel. I was only referring to one person but decided to make it a general statement so I wouldn’t single anyone out you dumbass. Maybe I should have quoted to asshole I was talking about to make you feel better, like you quoted me you fuck-tard. I know the concept of year zero, and I’m probably more connected with NIN music than you are!!!!!

    STFU. Don’t even go there with me and attack me where it hurts most. Your piece of shit..everyone continue. Have a nice fucking day idiot.

  23. madamehaha

    I don’t give a fuck who you were referring too!I don’t care if you are generalizing or not, you posted twice how we are “extreme” & to “relax” sounds like you need to take your own advice! And I will not stfu,you should be clear if you don’t want to be misunderstood, you sound like an ignorant fool!You definitly are “more connected” to their music than I am, because your reaction speaks volumes.Oh & thanks for giving everyone permission to continue!

    idiot, fucktard & of course my favorite- piece of shit

  24. Kristal

    # 2

    Fuck you!!! This is a blog!

    I say what I want, however I want. I should be clear? I’m as clear as I want to be. I didn’t want to generalize something, big FUCKING DEAL!!!!

    Who the fuck are you? Is this your blog.

    MY BAD!!!!!!!!!

    Bottom line this isn’t fucking Youtube. Go do this shit somewhere else.

  25. B.Taylor

    just curious; did any of you participate in hands acrosss american in ’86? well i guess it turned out to be sort of a failure but it was a pretty cool idea anyway. and i know it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the conversation in progress. It was a random thought (or memory i suppose). guess i was just thinking about how nice it was to be young and care free. *sigh* oh well, back to work. how about this big damned hurricane getting ready to hit the US? i just signed on with FEMA – kinda nervous about it though. i hope i can really help this way. i’m thinking of volunteering at the Red Cross with my kiddos. next weekend we’re volunteering with the annual stream clean here in town. it’s a good way to get out of the house and do meaningful stuff with the kids and our community. i’m very proud of them. good luck to you guys in Ikes path!

  26. B.Taylor

    And of course .. NIN ROCKS! boompow – what do you guys think? my husband is thinking this would be a great name for an energy drink. i’m thinking he’s kinda weird but oddly it does sound like it could work…maybe that’s what i need right now. randomly thinking again. goodnight.

  27. Lillian

    I’m preparing for Ike, and was planning a big pitcher of Bloody Marys in the morning…but I’m thinking I might need some boompow! 🙂 Funny!

  28. mistake

    Hopefully Ike doesn’t provide the “boompow”. The last thing we need in the States is another killer storm.

    All this conversation is good, so long as it stays reasonably civil. And I agree that corruption runs rampant through all parties. This is human nature and anyone who believes they’re immune to it is deluding themselves.

    I’ve known since my first basic civics class that choosing a candidate to vote for in a presidential election is an exercise in choosing the lesser of two evils. I find the candidate I’m voting for inspiring to an extent, but actions speak louder than words. By no means do I view the democratic party as some kind of saving grace. Don’t be misled. I lean that way on 90% of the “issues”, but just what will come from a democratic president remains to be seen.

  29. Dori Doreau

    @ Kristal
    to make this crystal clear for you: this is my blog. and i don’t like to see behaviour like yours in the comments. the discussion may involve extreme opinions at some points, but it’s still civilized. would be nice if you could manage to express yourself civilized, too.

  30. Lillian

    Boompow the energy drink (that B. Taylor was talking about…)as opposed to the Bloody Marys. Actually I’m pretty scared of Ike. 😦 I’ve never experienced anything like it and hope everyone stays safe…

  31. VictorV

    Hey.. is there any way to have a kind of “meet & greet” with you, when you come to Chile on October?…

    I really respect your work, and your position against the “industry” and politic in general.


  32. B.Taylor

    @Lillian – are you one of the brave souls staying in/around Houston? Just caught some new images of Galveston & thought oh my god this is gonna be bad. I will be thinking of you guys whilst trying not to drown myself. we’re further north (dallas area) but we’re still expecting ts strength winds and a buttload of rain. we live across from a creek that tends to flood if we get more than a few inches in a short amount of time so i’m a little nervous about that but god i feel for you all south around the coast. my hubbies grandpa is in humble and i’m really worried about him too. you stay safe, ya hear? *boompow, how ya like me now?* catchy eh? =)
    @mistake – i definetly agree w/a lot of what you said. i have become so disallusioned w/our politicians that its gonna take a lot of excercise in will power to get me to the voting booths but i will go. i’ve made up my mind based on the facts that i’ve gathered from both parties and i know i’m not basing a vote on FOX or CNN so i feel good about it. And that’s whats truly important during any elections at any level of government. We may not all agree on policies and what not but it only truly pisses me off when people say “oh i’m gonna vote for so and so because he’s black or because she’s a woman” I’ve even been unfortunate to hear someone say they were voting for one party because “if anyone’s mad man is going to be in charge of the Saudi oil it should be our mad man.” Anyway I think we can all agree that #1)voting is important and #2)goes hand in hand with the importance of voting on facts. By the way does anyone know some really good non partisan sites to do some fact checking? might be helpful to get those sites out there. Cheers everyone! have a nice weekend.

  33. Lillian

    Thank you B.! Actually, Humble is right down the road from me…I wish the best for his Grandpa! You guys stay safe too! 🙂

  34. mistake

    Everyone stay safe.

    @B. Taylor: I know of a non-partisan organization that does a lot of debunking on campaign ads and the like…but unfortunately their name escapes me at the moment. I’ve seen them on MSNBC quite recently picking apart a lot of rhetoric from both sides. They have something called the “truth-o-meter” which is quite amusing. Run a Google search for that and I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

  35. Cory

    Mr. Reznor,
    PLEASE keep preaching your opinions. It’s your right (and duty) as an artist to do so. Once you start saying something i disagree with, i’ll either get over it or not support it, but that’s yet to happen.
    Thanks for being one of the good guys,

  36. Gibs

    Trent, you have my ear.. and always have.. share your opinion on matters. I’d love to feel proud to be an American again.. I’m sure you did once upon a time, perhaps in Cleveland, back in the day the flag and the country meant something… USE YOUR VOICE. I know, Year Zero.. but keep it up.. Do all you can.. I know MTV and others won’t let you, but I support you!


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