Moment Factory’s NIN Tour Video

Moment Factory, the company who provided the unique interactive systems used on the current tour, have made a short video detailing some of the video effects and how they work – click here to watch it on YouTube.

posted by rob at 11:01am

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added: and click here to see a tour teaser, taken from MomentFactory’s youtube channel.


9 thoughts on “Moment Factory’s NIN Tour Video

  1. Angela Webster

    when you say teaser, do you mean your releasing a new dvd?? Should I know this already? Or am i wishing?

    Please come to Liverpool/manchester/cardiff uk soon. I’m bored of crappy gigs and I need some mind blowing musical action. Thankyou =D

  2. epicevasion

    I love how they simplify the logistics here…yeah, we went ahead and adapted our XMS system so that the brain communicates in various languages through different input and outputs that interact with real-time lighting, sound and video, all within certain parameters, of course —sure, of course.
    It’s hard not to get lost in the artistic possibilities here. They almost seem unlimited. Very, very, very cool.


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