heading south

On the road again… Leaving fall to arrive in spring. We are very much looking forward to playing for you, South America!
In other news, check the iPhone app store in the coming days. Tapulous is releasing a NIN-branded version of their popular Tap Tap Revenge game featuring music from… that’s right, Nine Inch Nails! More details soon.

posted by trent reznor at 4:21pm

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11 thoughts on “heading south

  1. Jorge I

    At last in Chile Trent. In 2005 I have to travel to Buenos aires too see you guys on the With teeth tour. Hope this time you can give us some the wretched right after the frail. Its better the regular nature of the process.

    And please, blow our fuckin’ brains out.

  2. deconstructer

    Yay for free ads! The NME writers are too busy (or lazy) to have a look at the top of a web page, and we know something they don’t know. 😀

    And thank you Dori, for your great work (this blog, last.fm group etc).


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