Here we go again

posted by rob at 12:05pm (los angeles, usa)

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16 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Jose

    Hi, Hola… estoy muy feliz de que vengan a Argentina. Esta sera mi primera vez en vivo cerca de ustedes, espero que se repita.

    Greetings to All NIN Members, Including Rob 😉

    Hope TR say some words in spanish.

  2. Francesca

    Damn shit Dori, i cant go to see NIN, in Chile, for the first time and i will miss it!
    Life is a bitch!
    Do you think that they will come again?

  3. Dori Doreau

    @ katie & lillian
    i hope that’s because you saw that from now on i’ll add a google map link to the location info, based on the gps data (if available) in the pictures 😉

    @ francesca
    sorry to read that, really 😦 unfortunately i know just exactly as much about their tour plans as they tell on their site. but i really hope for you and everybody else in south america that they will play more shows in your “corner of the world” asap.

  4. Beat Beast

    I’m so exited about this!! we have been waiting for so long!! :D!!

    Greetings to all the crew!!! you are making such an amazing job!!! I just can wait to see your show!!

  5. Lillian

    The Google link is awesome. Also your readiness to address people who make horrible remarks. I love that there is no room for that crap on here. Keep crackin’ that whip!:)

  6. katie


    Yes the google link is sweet….however the shut the fuck up remark made my day… it was a simple thank you for that as well. 😀


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