Airport chaos

posted by rob at 5:38am (buenos aires, argentina)

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13 thoughts on “Airport chaos

  1. Florencia

    They’re here, so close to me and to all the fans in Argentina .. so close and so far away cause they will never know me and they don’t have the intention too, but that’s the way it has to be .

    They reach everyone through the music .. they change lifes with they music, and I know that thursday 2nd will be one of the best days in my life, I will remember it forever

    You’re here in Bs As, just a couple of kilometres away .. and that’s enough to keep me excited, to be very happy = )

    Thank you a lot .. I hope the weather changes a little bit = )

  2. epicevasion

    I feel like a picture like this one is going to inadvertently provoke some sort of freakish NIN flash mob one day.

  3. ninny

    perhaps this could be used as a starting point and protype on how to overtrhouw a government – they seem to be successful at that in latin american countries – god knows we needed an example over the last 8 years


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