South America, thank you very much! We had a great time performing for you and hanging out in your neck of the woods. I promise we’ll be back before long and again I apologize for the cancellations (those were OUR fault and not the promoter’s).

On another note, Josh Freese fans be sure to check out a show on the upcoming North American leg of the tour, as sadly they will be the last ones he’s playing with us. He informed me he’s leaving the tour at the end of this year. Yes, we are still dear friends. No, I’m not sure what we are going to do.

See you in Mexico!


posted by trent reznor at 10:16pm (caracas, venezuela)

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30 thoughts on “NIN + SA = BFF

  1. peefer

    Josh is leaving? man, what a great drummer! i wish him well. Trent, you always surprise us with something awesome! i’m sure you’ll find someone cool!

  2. Grégory Impallari

    Jerome Dillon?
    Chris Vrenna?

    Don’t be too hard the nostalgia I am.

    If I may give you advice as long drummer, here are some names worthy of pro drummers play in NIN (I leave you only judge Trent):

    Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini, Virgil Donati

    There are others but here are the best.

    Anyway, I’m sure as always, we will not be disappointed by you.

    An old fan of your music has changed his life.

  3. Kimby

    Josh will be missed sincerely, and though I know many drummers would line up at the chance to fill in his position, no one will hit those drumheads the same way Freese did behind NIN.

  4. Alta

    Jos will certainly be miss. Too bad I can’t find anyone to go to the upcoming shows with. I am a girl and it’s not safe to be alone.

    LUV U JOSH!! And wish you the best!!!

  5. RicurdoX

    Josh, I guess you are leaving right around your next child’s birth date… We will certainly miss your drums man! But again, I do believe Trent will not dissapoint us with the next drummer!
    Anyone wanna join for the concert in Nashville Oct 31st?

  6. cherry_twist

    this is a bummer! i really like josh! he’s so cool! boo!!! oh well, all the best for you, josh! to Alta, you should just go rock out to a NIN gig even if you cant find anyone to go with! i went to their gig all by myself and i got floor ticket as well…just make friends there! 😀 i managed to get to the first row too!!! and survived the pit 😉

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