The Beginning Of The End

posted by rob at 8:15pm (caracas, venezuela)

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7 thoughts on “The Beginning Of The End

  1. Juan Guedez

    amazing song amazing concert just perfect thank you some fucling much mr reznor hope you back to our country 😀

  2. cherry_twist

    aarghhh i absolutely love love love his big guns aka massive arms! am i the only one who thinks so?

  3. Dori Doreau

    @ cherry_twist
    here! here!! i like buff trent! but i also liked scrawny trent back in the early 90s (’94 in leather shorts 2 meters away from me *yum*) and every stage he went through. i guess i just like the guy no matter how he looks. that’s what great music’s doing to me 😉

  4. cherry_twist

    @ Dori! yay! 🙂 hehe!
    it’s true, it’s all about the music! i had liked trent back in the 90’s as well (and thought he was hot then), but ive always liked some meat on my men so when he got really big i was like “wow i thought trent can’t possibly get any hotter” but he did!! i never thought he would one day become a gym buff 🙂 la la la anyways no matter how he looks, he’ll still be awesome in my book.

    random note, i kinda miss the look he had in the “we’re in this together” video. dorkishly cute! 😉


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