[demonbaby] Machu Picchu

Haven’t had much internet access lately – this is where I spent the day today:

from rob sheridan’s twitter (machu picchu, peru)

thanks to carbon for the hint!


11 thoughts on “[demonbaby] Machu Picchu

  1. KJ

    The internet access is surprisingly good in the main Machu Pichu town. A few internet cafes. I stayed at this orange hotel Presidente I think. If you’re staying the night I’d recommend the mexican restaurant that’s near a corner on the left going up towards the rail station, and the Hot Springs Pizzeria which is one of the many restaurants either sde of the tracks (before the bridge over the river).

  2. francesca30

    Is a mistyc place, where the incas lived centuries ago, you can still feel them there!
    If you can, go there!

  3. Bonnie Jean

    i remember the first time i was there it is breathtaking i hope they didn’t get sick because the altitude sucks and many people faint

  4. A-Zon

    Amazing? no…Machu Picchu is a tourist trap with nice views. No one lived there, it was Las Vagas for the rich Incan leaders on weekends….Peru is an amazing place with countless ruins and sacred places, Machu Picchu just happens to be the most uninteresting of them all….


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