[demonbaby] Terrifying

I can’t really begin to explain what’s going on here, but suffice to say it’s terrifying:

from rob sheridan’s twitter (cusco, peru)


8 thoughts on “[demonbaby] Terrifying

  1. mistake

    ^^^If it’s not, then it’s truly frightening. If some guy rolled up on me looking like a Satanic Central American sock puppet for no good reason, I’d be genuinely spooked. What would be more spooky is if you ran into something like this in the middle of, say for example, Germany or Canada where it’s completely out-of-context.

  2. KJ

    You can buy those incan ski masks at most stalls in Peru. I was there in mid-september, and Inca Boy there appeared on a train heading back to Machu Pichu to the Sacred Valley along with a guy and a girl putting on a fashion show trying to sell stupid tourists llama hair waistcoats and alpaca ponchos.

  3. Alicia

    the white mask represent the white conquistadors. In October they have a festival where homage is paid to the patron saint of the town with processions.


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