[demonbaby] Mannequin

Speaking of terrifying – this mannequin wants to eat your soul:

from rob sheridan’s twitter (cusco, peru)


22 thoughts on “[demonbaby] Mannequin

  1. nothing

    eating souls gives you syphilis! i know i got it from my homies (it wasn’t a gang bang i swear to gawd!)

  2. something

    hehehe no it doesnt, it gets you CLOSER TO GOD! eating souls feels sooo good. and that mannequin knows that.

  3. Sarah

    This Reminds me of a chucky lookalike doll my grama still has! Get rid of it already!! Ok Sorry Its awsome, scare the kids with it..

  4. something

    nothing, you have absolutely nothing to say, havent you? 😉 find yourself a soul to eat and feel GOD.

  5. nothing

    well maybe if something stopped flirting with nothing we could eat eachother’s souls on teh internetz and make a baby “ing” for realz!

    L on my forehead for looooser *rollz eyez*

  6. something

    haha well come on then! eat my soul. something and nothing needs each other, without each other they wouldnt exist.

  7. something

    yes i agree with you. we need to take this off the internetz now so we can make something out of nothing.

  8. nothing

    um…if i made you from me that would be like reverse adam and eve. wow, that’s even hotter than eating souls…

  9. nothing

    oh no i still exist. thou shalt be spoken to. my ribs are underneath my tits which are very juicy. ribs are icky. me no eats them. meow.

  10. something

    wheeew.. 😉 i thought you were a hot guy… *sighs* i always get some girl answering my hot comments and i think its a hot guy haha :S


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