Final testing!

posted by trent reznor at 3:35pm

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added: see the “bloom” application? one can do phantastic things with brian eno’s portable sound installation.


19 thoughts on “Final testing!

  1. something

    oh, these new things… i got a regular phone recently so i can have my mobile phone off. i dont like that people can reach me all the time. we dont get into these new things, they get into us, taking us over. its scary i think. haha when people get iphones i get a regular phone.

  2. cherry_twist

    ha! i agree with you. i think these sorts of gadgets are invading our lives! but hey trenty, can i have your number? 😀

  3. Lindsey C

    Hmm, I thought that program was gonna be cool but I wasn’t impressed. I’m not a big fan of Brian Eno anyway. That thing is too random….hmm maybe it’s the person using it? Is there any way to predict the notes or is it just gonna sound like out of tune hippy notes no matter what? lol.

  4. astro

    in the end of november pluto goes in to capricorn after being in sagittarius in almost 14 years, so its a big transit, and with it probably big changes will come, no more crazy people in a leading position, and a more stable time. i hope. oh, and all the iphones will be junked. =P


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