Soundchecking Ghosts

posted by rob at 8:10pm (mexico city, mexico)

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14 thoughts on “Soundchecking Ghosts

  1. cherry_twist

    i think they are all very similar…probably the main difference is on the material the keys are made of and the way it is cut (hence producing slightly diff sounds). xylophone and marimba are made of woods (typically rosewood) and there’s another one called vibraphone (which is made of aluminum metal). actually, i suspect trent has the vibraphone since i think his has a pedal, if i’m not mistaken. anyone can confirm this? and also, the sounds are a bit “metallic” to me.

  2. cherry_twist

    ok i’ll go have a look later and tell you what i think. im at work so cant play youtube vids lol 😀

  3. Lois C

    Looks a bit chilly there … Trent has a jacket on!!
    but dam good piece of music Ghosts …
    play on…


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