posted by rob at 5:16pm (guadalajara, mexico)

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7 thoughts on “Blackmail

  1. caro

    NIN in real!they’re not bad boys,they only want to corrupt youth (but very very young people)! LOL

  2. nothing

    i thought this was a fucking nine inch nails blog not some gay couture fashion fest! honestly, who comes up with this shit? i’m a fashion designer (aside from my job as a therapist) and i know that you should not put creatures wearing those colors next to eachother. i wonder why the yellow guy has a floppy cock on his head…it must have been the camera flash giving him paranoid willie syndrome. PWS is a common occurence among men who have excess flatulence and try to make up for the embarassment by wearing cocks on their head so fucking huge they just flop over. well let me tell you this. there is no substitute for a real dick, and that guy is just in denial. okay. you better believe me. because armageddon is coming and when i give my therapy sessions god tells me that everyone on this earth is meant to be somebody special and those guys are special in their own way they just need to realize that substituting a gay yellow costume for a penis is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

    love from new hampshire,
    ms. nothing

  3. PiLi

    haha ‘Blackmail’? It looks more like ‘Revenge’ since it’s already posted!
    oh, and Brett.. you blow my mind… lmfao


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