Mexican fans

posted by rob at 10:07pm (guadalajara, mexico)

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6 thoughts on “Mexican fans

  1. Paulo roldan

    I was there and let me tell you, the show was absolutely mind blowing. Everything from the visuales to the sound quality and power(I didn’t know a Les Paul could be so loud!) was first class. BTW, Freese has some amazing chops! Loudest and best EQ’d show I’ve ever been to!

  2. iusedtolovenin

    Well, they absolutely sucked dick one day before in Mexico city, WORST SHOW EVER! It was a SHITLIST not a setlist, poor poor sound and a mini version of the real lights in the sky tour so they can stick their music up their ass and never come back.

  3. dee

    Hey iusedtolovenin: I saw them a couple of weeks ago and i agree with you about the songs played: Boring Ghosts songs (3 in a row) and the most soporific material from Year Zero, The horribly obvious Closer and Discipline and a show that looked more like industrial music trying to be universal in a show of lights that is beautiful, creative and interactive, but ultimately boring. Not as any NIN show i attended before and not an invitation to be there again. Hope they keep going good with their new direction anyway.


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