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22 thoughts on “Monterrey!

  1. who cares...

    i am leaving to a beautiful place soon too.. cause i am so fucking tired of everything. not to mexico but to bolivia or peru or chile.. hide there from everything.. live with the people there.. just live for the day.. up in the mountains somewhere.. i am gonna run away by myself on a trip to a place where people live simple and with the nature. i am gonna run away from my unlucky in love feeling. isolate myself from the world. this unfair, dark, unlucky love, world. and live with people that live to survive the day. i need to get away from this material money greedy world. people dont have their hearts with them anynmore, i feel no hope for this world anymore. its heartless. idiotic.

  2. instrument

    whats the instrument called that trent is playing on in the picture on they posted some days ago? i am gonna get one…

  3. mistake


    This is the Lights on the Ground leg of the tour.

    @who cares…

    While some on these boards are prone to melodrama, I care. I just think you need to decompress for a bit before making any rash decisions, if you have the means.

  4. who cares... dont worry.. be happy?

    what rash decisions? going on a nice trip, finding myself and feel better and get away from the material money greedy world for a while so my soul can have peace for some days? cause thats was what i was talking about. it would just be good for me. my soul is in pain because of how this world work. i dont want to live where there is new things everywhere that everybody wants and think they will be happy if they have it, i would really just want to live out in the nature somewhere, in a simple house.. a long way from where the rich people live… in a peaceful place where people dont care about all these things and money… i want to get away from all people that destroy this world.. that dont care about the nature and animals.. and that just stress through life… the people that are not aware about their own existence.. and just walk around like robots and dont feel or care… no rash decisions here whatever you mean by that. bye!

  5. mistake

    In that case, have a blast. That sounds perfect. I took it as if you were going to overturn your life and disappear permanantly into the wilderness. My bad. Cheers!

  6. nothing

    dear who cares,
    i agree with you, the richy money greedy people suck but there is no place where you don’t need monies to live. i hate monies too but my real problem is that i need to get laid by a mexican senorita. actually, nevermind i’m not a lesbian. i need to get laid by a man who has skills (just like napoleon dynamite says “girls like guys who have skills!”) but this isn’t about me. it’s about you. i think you need to get a job at burger king. this will give you some skills. one time i went into burger king to get me some crack (aka a fuckin sandwich) and i saw some guy flipping burgers and i just melted (in my pants, not on the floor you pervert!) so you see, all you need to do in life is to get a skill, like flipping burgers, and then someday you will meet your soulmate. i don’t know if that guy was my soulmate because i’m too addicted to sandwiches to care.
    i hope my advice was helpful to you because if it wasn’t, too bad. i am professional therapist. i have training in this field and i paid good monies to go to college so you better like what i do otherwise you’re a loser and there’s no hope for you.

    no offense.

  7. [MAC]

    goddamnit trent, i fucking love monterrey and that picture moved something inside of me like when you see a girl you like.

    I live like 800 miles away but i love that city. Also, i saw you at mexico city. Lots of tech problems but who the hell cares? it was a great show. I wonder where did you get stuck that tore down your tshirt…

    anyway, i guess i’ll have to go over there and look for a job. or something. would you like to hire me in your crew? i’m the best cable carrying guy you will find, i promise.

  8. something

    mistake… yes i was also thinking of about that accually… i want to do that sometimes. i would feel free in the wilderness. living with some indians in like for example the amazonas jungle… feel like one with the nature.

  9. now i am out of here! ciao!

    hahaha you are so funny nothing. i like you. thanks for making me laugh. and i am not a lesbian either. and i have already found my soulmate but he hasnt found me. he never will. so i will live alone, its ok. i dont care. i dont need sex, and so i will never have kids of my own either but its ok. love i can get from friends and family. call me a loser if you want. but my unlucky love will stay in my heart forever. oh, and you are a VERY good therapist i think.

  10. y.

    my home/your home. great show yesterday (monterrey). epic show is epic, heehee

    thanks for almbums via web ^-^

  11. nothing

    i’m not an f-ing troll. i’m just a bored therapist looking to have a swell time on teh internetz. who knows, i may be an artist or a mental patient. not all trollz are created equalz.

  12. Dori Doreau

    @ nothing
    be sure that I treat all trolls equal.

    *strokes delete button*

    if this psycho blabber spreads out, i’ll take care about it. you guys should start your own blogs if you want to analyse each other. this is the wrong place.


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