Ham’s up, hoes down.

posted by trent reznor at 7:42pm (monterrey, mexico)

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17 thoughts on “Ham’s up, hoes down.

  1. eeh

    i see it from the murdered pig perspective… and how its looking down on these ridicilous men joking with its flesh… and that pig doesnt look happy up there…

  2. C

    MMMMMMMMM meat is delicious murder. Delicious, delicious Trent meat. Poor Piggies. Maybe this will spawn a new Piggy song from Trent and the boys

  3. nothing

    that’s fucking gross. eat chicken. baby chickens aren’t as cute as baby pigs. if you eat something that is that cute as a baby you are going hell and if you are making fun of cute babies like you just did you are fucking satan incarnate. die. motherfucker.

  4. nothing

    mmmm veggie pussies! i used to have one of those. it’s yummiez. just kidding. malnutrition is no yummiez.

  5. cherry_twist

    that’s gross! eat the damn HAM, don’t let it go to waste! i love pigs (both dead and alive) lol

  6. sweetachica

    Geez! Peeps sure get defensive up in here, if you aren’t a fan of NIN, you have no sense of humor, come on , laugh! I think its funny, maybe the next album will have a spam-centered theme, and it would be called…food fight!


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