Monterrey fans

posted by rob at 10:16pm (monterrey, mexico)

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8 thoughts on “Monterrey fans

  1. Luis Zapata

    Damn, I wish NIN could stay for a week in Monterrey. I’d go to every concert. I was on the upper floor, in the VIP level. Everything was glorious from up there. Fcuk the amenities and the service, THE F* VIEW!! I love all the technology and its integration with lights, sounds and the best performance to make a hell of a show. Please come back soon!

  2. mistake

    ^^^I wouldn’t click on that guy’s name if I were you. Just the name of the link screams “Trojan Horse me the Vundo virus”. Many a warez site has nearly nailed me before.

    Of course, I could be wrong. No offense, bra…


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