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11 thoughts on “THTF

  1. mistake

    I guess this is the production that’s been changed for the South American / Mexican leg of the tour.

  2. mistake

    A lot of their policies are the same. Their social conservative views are quite similar. The difference is McCain seems considerably more intelligent. I still disagree with him on most things, but exactly the same, no. Too similar for my liking, yes.

  3. nothing

    Oh my god Trent Reznor is the hottest politician I have ever seen! That white hair, that eyebrow ridge…if I was Sarah Palin he would be in that nude picture that’s going around. Look at the way his smile is lighting up the entire stage! Who the fuck is that guy playing guitar in front of him? He looks like he’s fucking constipated! I thought this was Nine Inch Nails not nine inch piece of crap stuck in my ass 24/7. Jesus christ. Send me that man in the background so that I can not be such a pessimist.

    Ms. Nothing (Soon to Mrs. White Haired Political God)

  4. mistake

    If that’s the face of constipation in your world, might I suggest some stool softener. For that matter, morphine might be a better option.

  5. nothing

    morphine sucks, i tried it one time and i thought the tv was on when it wasn’t. that’s all that happened. what the hell is the big deal about these drugs anyway. it’s more of a drug to watch britney spears gimme more video because that made me dizzy and then i puked.

  6. lindsey

    what’s with the politician screens? nin’s done this so many times it’s really starting to get old. i saw this sort of thing at the show i went to in 2006 and wasn’t turned on by it. i don’t like republicans either but do you really think showing bush’s or mccain’s face is going to make some revolutionary difference? i’m just tired of musicians trying to be activists as a marketing tactic. maybe it isn’t marketing, but that is what it looks like because musicians like trent do it like it’s branding. it looks like a trademark to me. they whine about the fucking government on every album and then say art is a revolution and blah blah blah. well guess what, politicians will always suck, it is never going to change. it has been this way for years. almost every single president has cheated on their wives.

  7. cherry_twist

    i have to say though that he prolly did this just as a way to express himself. i dont think he intentionally has an agenda to “influence” his fans to think like him or to hate certain politician or as a marketing gimmick. i mean, i dont see how this will get people to spend more money on NIN (which is what marketing aims to do), in fact, more often than not, people will actually get turned off by it (such as you)…so i think this is just his way of saying wat’s on his mind and visualizing his opinion….just my two cents 🙂

  8. mistake

    Agreed. I think it’s getting a bit played out too. Visuals of Bush might be appropriate for this tune until January 9th and although I can see his point by swapping in McCain’s picture now that the election is coming up, it just seems a bit out of context given the lyrics of the song in question…that and it seems a smidge unfair to McCain. The guy hasn’t been give the chance to fuck up yet…at least in the White House.

    But alas, it’s Trent’s show. Express yourself as you wish. I just think it’s missing the mark a bit here.


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