Back in the US of A

and just in time for my favorite holiday, Halloween! For those of you “out-of-towners” attending Voodoo in New Orleans who may not know about this, be SURE to visit the world’s least politically correct (and fucking scary!) haunted house – THE HOUSE OF SHOCK! Trust me on this, look it up and just go – it kicks ass.

posted by trent reznor at 7:32am

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24 thoughts on “Back in the US of A

  1. lindsey

    hmm. that looks kind of gay, in my opinion. the kind of thing redneck goths go to when they can’t find a party in the woods on halloween. then again, maybe i am just bitter because i will be spending halloween alone again.

  2. i dont have a name...

    have a fun, nice weekend trent…

    i have noticed something… trent has lost weight.. in the break of the tour.. so he must have a gf now.

  3. Melissa Joy

    OMG – i just got home from seeing him in SA,TX. During 1,000,000 I saw hi thinking he look slimmer. Buy who cares the concert ROCKED!!!

  4. i dont have a name...

    well.. i care… i am jealous.. i think it would be very cosy being with him.. around him.. being his gf… and i am jealous of all those who has seen a concert with NIN… i never will.. cause i cant be in a big crowd like that… never mind… i just believe he is a cosy person.. warm and sweet and funny and sensitive and caring and strong and just very *sighs* cosy.. i think to be loved by him is something very special.. i think he is a man with a big passion in his heart… not many man has that… so i think the woman that will have his love will be a very lucky woman…

  5. Dori Doreau

    @ i dont have a name…
    stop dreaming about trent and find a man within your grasp. or at least stop dreaming publicly on this blog’s comments.

    thank you.

  6. i dont have a name...

    yes i know dori, i am sorry. i just lost myself there. i am going to stop dreaming about him now, and leave the “nin world”… and i am not going to find a man cause i have given that kind of love up. dont need it. dont want it. leaving your blog’s comment now.

  7. cherry_twist

    @i dont have a name…awww come on! dont be so negative and pessimistic! life is good! and you will find a great man! trent or not! 😀 and dont leave the nin world just yet, it’s too awesome! hehe…

  8. Dori Doreau

    @ i dont have a name…
    stop the drama, please. if you can’t find something to enjoy in your life, it’s your own decision. and i’m not talking out of my ass but from experience. i could cry about my sad life very much and very loud and with good reason, but i decided to enjoy the little i have to the fullest.

    try it, it works.

  9. mistake

    Once again…for your own benefit, keep hands and arms in the vehicle at all times and don’t feed the trolls.

  10. i dont have a name...

    stop the drama? i havent continued it… i am obviously a troll, thats what mistake says, so dont feed me.

  11. mistake

    Consider yourself lucky for getting to see the show once! My wife and I had to miss out due to gig conflicts.

  12. i'm sorry i cant hear you over the sound of how awesome NIN is

    The person I feel most sorry for is dear Dori, who went to all the trouble of setting up this blog archive and now she has to put up with all this drama bullshit….

  13. mistake

    Nah. She’s slick. That’s the nature of the internet. Take the nutbags with the regular peeps. Get rid of the seriously crap posts, but leave room for those who keep it entertaining.

    It’s like reality TV. You work all day and need a bit of escape, right? The way it used to be, one would come home and watch fiction to escape from the shitball reality of the dickheads and douche bags one has to deal with in everyday life. Right? Now people are foolish enough to come home and watch dickheads and douche bags to escape from their everyday life…which never made sense to me. Maybe it’s to keep themselves in check, thinking “at least I’m not as fucked up as that particular douche bag.”

    Well — here we all are…fans of Nine Inch Nails / music in general and reading recockulous crap from people a few sandwiches shy of a Happy Meal™. And so it goes.

    I can’t stand reality TV, yet I continue to find myself returning to threads where morons feel the need to submit to verbal diarrhea. Shame on me, I guess.

  14. Dori Doreau

    in case anyone wonders where lindseys brainless blabber went – down the virtual drain. i have nothing against some off topic talk, silly or serious, but keep the drama out. which includes ex-fan drama from weirdos. post at the forums if you need to vent your frustration about trent grabbing groupies but not you, or what else is your phantasy problem with him. or start your own blog.

    @ mistake & lil_wish
    i’m sorry, two of your comments got deleted, too, since they made just sense with lindseys posts.

    and to clarify my stance on criticism towards trent/nin: no problem with that, as long as it won’t leave the harbour of common sense.

    *grabs a cup of coffee and enjoys a good breakfast*

  15. Lillian

    @ Dori
    Thank goodness you’re here! That is the very reason I prefer this site as opposed to forums. I feel like I can avoid some of the wackos and just look at the pics and read some comments here and there and enjoy. Thanks!
    @ Mistake
    My birthday is on Halloween too! Have a good one!


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