Orlando soundcheck

posted by rob at 2:52pm (orlando, usa)

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12 thoughts on “Orlando soundcheck

  1. amyb968

    Trent-let me be the first to welcome you to Florida but seriously, did you have to bring the cold weather with you? Now I have to go find something called a sweater. What is that all about??

  2. love

    yes he is getting bald, you can see it more clearly in the “soundcheck, a day early” buenos aires pic oct 1…

  3. Dori Doreau

    i’m afraid i just don’t care if it’s first signs of baldness or a combination of strong stage lights and camera angle. plus the hair won’t influence his voice 😛

  4. love

    yes he still is a great singer, producer, artist.. but.. with a balding cirlce in the back of his head.

  5. cherry_twist

    hmm yes, im perpetually distracted by his ass…and he’ll always be cool, hair or no! lol 😀


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