The Good Soldier

posted by rob at 7:54pm (orlando, usa)

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6 thoughts on “The Good Soldier

  1. cherry_twist

    trent looks really good here even though i can barely see him! lol at least i could see he has nice arms 😀

  2. Lil_Wish

    for me Trent looks fitter now than on those rehearsal videos from June when he was bulky but more like a bear 🙂 he is sweating out a lot of calories and toxins 🙂

  3. love

    he still has too big arms.. dont like to much muscles.. i dont think men should build muscles like that.. they should just be thin and have the muscles they have.. like robin fink for example… or like trent when he was thin. but who cares about things like that when it comes to love..

  4. Paulita

    boo hoo – pity me. I wasn’t able to attend so thank you for posting these. Have I mentioned how much I hate the job market right now..blah

  5. cherry_twist

    heee heee more muscles more yum!!! nicer to hold someone who has some meat! 😉 plenty to grab on to!!! lol


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