New NIN.COM features soon

Thrilling new features are about to be added to NIN.COM in the very near future! Be sure to keep an eye on it.


posted by trent reznor at 10:00am

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13 thoughts on “New NIN.COM features soon

  1. EpicEvasion

    If this link was sent from anyone other than TR most of us would have closed it half way through. Consider it cryptic.
    Personally, it makes me wish that I was 10 years old again.

  2. mistake

    Birthday countdown begins for me! I’ll have to rock this link when I get home. No go here at work. Happy Devil’s Night, everyone!

    “FIRE IT UP!!!”

  3. dee

    Damn. I also watched that cheesy movie last Halloween . I thought no one else remembered it. If you feel like it, enjoy it: [admin edit: NO LINKS TO ILLEGAL TORRENTS!]


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