Taptap Revenge: NIN Edition available now

Tapulous has released the NIN edition of their popular iPhone/iPod Touch rhythm game, TapTap Revenge. The game includes 13 NIN tracks from The Slip and Ghosts I-IV, multi-player mode, and NIN-themed graphics. To get the game on your iPhone or iPod Touch, click here to visit the iTunes store.

Additionally, Tapulous is giving away floor tickets to an upcoming NIN show and a Les Paul guitar signed by Trent. To enter, just submit a score of over 150,000 points on any track in the game. Each submission counts as one contest entry, so you can submit as many times as you like. For full contest rules, click here.

posted by nin pr at 12:16pm

discuss @ nin.com

added: more infos about the game and contest at tapulous’ blog.

btw, these are the folks behind the game:

thanks to tristanotierney from tapulous’ team for the permission to use the picture!


13 thoughts on “Taptap Revenge: NIN Edition available now

  1. cherry_twist

    ha! well, Dori, there are still SOME pieces left..and since you own this blog, you get to choose from what’s left LOL 😀

  2. cherry_twist

    hahahahaha Dori, you cracked me up! YAY! everyone can sleep happy now (dreaming about their respective “pieces”) ;D:D

  3. Lillian

    In such an uncivilized world it’s so nice to know us girls can still share! Yes, we should all sleep well indeed! LOL


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