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12 thoughts on “Twilight


    I caught Robin’s water bottle at the show in Oakland, CA on Sept. 5th. Its preserved in my freezer even now.

    I like the silhouette effect with Trent and Allie in the background 😉

  2. mistake

    ?!? I can’t see the emoticon in your post because of the cruddy setup here at work (filters for content…no graphics on this page here at all…not even a background…I have to click on the pictures for them to even show up), but explain exactly how it saved your life? Dehydration?

    Not that I don’t believe it. I have a friend who was saved by Moby in a similar way, if that’s the case. The guy passed out at a big festival and woke up to reassuring words from a bald man with glasses, nursing him out of heat stroke with a bottle of water.

  3. Dori Doreau

    of course dehydration, close to the end of the show. and of course i should have written that it “saved” my life (with quotation marks). just that i got the bottle straight from the stage to my place on the rail, which saved the whole evening for me.

    not that i’d have a problem to pass out and wake up getting nursed by the short one… :mrgreen:

  4. mistake

    Heh…saved by a Reznorvoir. The rest of you sick pups take that one as you will (or would).

    I’d rather be revived by any of the current lineup (and most from the past) than Moby based strictly on musical ability. Then again, most those having issue with remaining conscious in the midst of heat stroke and dehydration really can’t be choosy, can they…

  5. walpurgis

    i´m soooooooooo glad robin’s back!! you guys gave a great show in argentina!! thank you so much!!

  6. cherry_twist

    oh wow, Dori! that’s so cool that you got thrown a water bottle! and lol at the “short one”! i wanna get a memorabilia too!!!! im so unlucky with these things! i never get anything 😦 *sad*


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