In This Twilight


posted by rob at 7:50pm (manchester, usa)

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3 thoughts on “In This Twilight

  1. dospajaros

    Wow Rob is quick, I just got home from the show and there are already pictures up. He’s so quick he took this picture before NIN even came on stage… unless maybe he was in a different time zone some how. 🙂 Either way, the best show I’ve seen them do, yet. THANK YOU FOR FINALLY COMING TO MY HOME TOWN!
    It was about damn time.

  2. Ian Moss

    That show was friken incredible. The lights absolutely blew my mind. I’m so glad I got to see them finally.

    can someone come with the set list for this show?

  3. organicity

    I can recognize two friends front row middle who managed to go from Paris yesterday to the show. When am stuck in the rain here penniless. Am so happy they could make it front row though!! But thanks to Rob, i can make it front row as well.


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