Scenic Ottawa


posted by rob at 11:19am (ottawa, canada)

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6 thoughts on “Scenic Ottawa

  1. anonymous

    What a stunning view, how much do i have to pay to get that kind of view, lol! Try going to the top of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, that is where you will get the best view of the city!

  2. Dani

    Man, I hope you actually get to see some of Ottawa (it’s a nice city) rather than staring at brick walls….poor things :p

  3. Carli

    Holy liften that is quite the view?? if you need me to take you on a tour (to see scenic things) let me know.

  4. B.Taylor

    I came up with about 700 (thats a rough estimate and I rounded up) and thank god for the strip in the middle goind the other direction, otherwise it would be the wall of abysmal monotany…have to look at the bright side whenever possible.


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