[demonbaby] Milk flavors in Canada

They sure have some interesting milk flavors up here in Canada…


from rob sheridan’s twitter (ottawa, canada)


12 thoughts on “[demonbaby] Milk flavors in Canada

  1. anonymous

    lol i have never noticed that on the carton ever, and i go grocery shopping every week, i buy 1% milk anyways. Neilson should put on there “tastes like homogenized milk” now the americans are going to think all canadians are homos because we drink homo milk.

  2. Amber

    Hahaha, we realized that while drinking that milk tonight. Lets just say we were laughing for a while.
    CANADA RULES! and yes I agree when Americans are now gonna think we drink homo milk.
    Oh well, it’s just cuz we’re supremely awesome like that. Honestly it taste better than most milk though ;D

  3. fiveby5

    that’s not a very strong selling point, but i’ll take their word for it and avoid it like cock flavored gelatin


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