Driving to Montreal


posted by rob at 10:27am (from the road, canada)

discuss @ nin.com


8 thoughts on “Driving to Montreal

  1. i'm sorry i cant hear you over the sound of how awesome NIN is

    melly, yeah i’m pretty sure that’s trent, you can’t mistake the nose !!

  2. cherry_twist

    yeah, that’s totally trent! first, it’s the nose. second, i’ve seen him with that pose on past pics where he sits and looks out the window like that…that looks like a long ride, must be tiring 😦

  3. Craig

    Only an hour and a half from Ottawa to Montreal, actually! Very boring trip, though.. next to nothing in the way of scenery.

  4. Vivian Lippens

    old Montreal would be a very good place to take the ever
    so blessed Mrs. Reznor. I use to live there until Dec.09
    Rue St-Paul(street) has excellent restaurants.Alot of 5
    star restaurants by the Old Port.La Basilique de Notre-Dame is a smaller version of the 1 inFrance.Architechture
    galore.Meuseems, Imax by the St-Lawrence River,Horse pul-
    led cariages. I recommend a moonlight sky, it is magical.


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