Lights In The Sky Tour Ad

View in HD at Vimeo:


(if you’re a vimeo member you can download the HD quicktime version in the lower right corner of that page)

posted by rob at 12:49am

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13 thoughts on “Lights In The Sky Tour Ad

  1. Gambit

    Holy mother of christ, I so want to see this.
    Please come to Estonia when you’re in Europe. Pretty please!

  2. Jeffrey

    If there is footage like this then there has to be a lot more of it… Lights In The Sky Tour DVD anyone!!!

  3. mistake

    ^^^And/or Blu-Ray. I’ve still got the Deluxe Edition of Ghosts I-IV with the Blu-Ray disc begging me to purchase a Blu-Ray player. The prices are dropping, just not quite enough yet to warrant picking one up. A tour Blu-Ray would probably be the catalyst to actually go through with it.

  4. liisu

    Agreed, please please please come to Estonia! Glad to see some other Estonian fans here, btw 🙂 What are the odds..

  5. peefer

    There just HAS to be a live DVD in the works. this tour has the absolute best visuals and stage production i’ve seen!

  6. Gambit

    @liisu: omg eestlane. äge, ma mõtlesin, et ma olen ainuke siin :D.
    et siis TERE! kuis läheb? 😀

    to anyone else: sry for the gibberish.

  7. liisu

    to gambit,
    hästi hästi hästi 🙂 kuidas endal?
    msn liizu at näiteks? 🙂 räägime lähemalt?


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