[demonbaby] Stuffed Animals

I just won seven stuffed animals in a row from a crane machine. Has anyone ever done that? Is it some kind of record??

Pics or it didn’t happen??


He’s my hero!! (tamarlevine)

from rob sheridan’s twitter (minneapolis, usa)


10 thoughts on “[demonbaby] Stuffed Animals

  1. DEMO

    For real, Block E is so ghetto. I used to be a bouncer at the gay bar down the street. I’ve watched many a mugging over there.

  2. Jinxplayer

    Trent was probably looking for a fight. Rob was there as backup, but as soon as he won all of those toys, they had to leave; their cover was blown.

  3. Toneman

    These are my awards, Mother, from Army. The seal is for marksmanship and the gorilla is for sand racing!


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