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File this one under lost opportunities.

I’m very proud of the show we’ve put together for this tour and have been working hard the last few months to find a way to capture it. I had an amazing situation lined up that would have allowed me to film the show in 3D with James Cameron’s team for a theatrical release as well as DVD / BluRay, etc. We had an extra date added to the tour that we were going to give away all the tickets for and have a filming party / thank you show.

I made two critical mistakes. One was to approach a certain record company that owns some of the song rights about producing / funding. The second was to allow said company to fuck around as usual for months before saying um… no. We then achieved the impossible by finding alternate production / funding but the timetable is too rushed to get it filmed comfortably with the remaining time left on the tour. This tour and a lot of the personnel involved finish at the end of this leg, so we can’t push filming into Jan / Feb.

Deep breath…
This was an amazing tour and production – certainly the best thing I’ve ever been involved with and likely the final tour for NIN on this scale. Thank you to those that came out to see it and forgive me for having a Kanye West moment, but this was FOR SURE the best show of the year and any bullshit end-of-the-year poll you may read in the next few weeks that says otherwise simply has it wrong. Those of you who saw it know I’m right.

The shows we have announced in 2009 and any more that may be announced will be a completely different approach with some different personnel and will likely be the last for the foreseeable future.

** UPDATE **
The venue for Friday night’s performance in Victoria will have a very relaxed camera / camcorder policy… hmmn…

The relaxed camera / camcorder policy continues for Portland. Bring and shoot what you want and share what you get. Please understand local security has been made aware of this policy change but I cannot assure you every single one of them will be cool about it. Change can be hard for some.

Camera / camcorder policy is back to normal. The next and last “bring your camera / camcorder” show will be Sacramento, Dec 12.

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69 thoughts on “curtain call

  1. j

    .. i was banking on the live dvd to bring me months of fascination and joy .. that’s a goddamned shame is all i’m sayin’ ..

  2. Jason

    Man this sucks! … :^( …. but I’m so thankful I got to see them TWICE on this tour. Best concert ever. Best 2 nights of my life.

    Trent; you’re amazing. You’re the best.

  3. cherry_twist

    yes Trent, i was there and you are right! yours is the BEST show of the year and i dont like the tone of this entry….it’s almost like a goodbye letter 😦

  4. kerstin

    It wasn’t only the best show of the year, it’s the best show I’ve ever seen, and am probably likely to see for the foreseeable future. What I meant to say, when I spoke with you earlier was “Thanks… for everything.”

  5. Nautus

    OK … WTF? if this 3D tour show/film fell through I will not be as mad as if he is telling us there is not going to be a Blu Ray release of this Tour…. That will in fact be a fucking kick in the nutz… please tell me that is not what is being said here because apparently I am too fucking stupid to understand this…

  6. melly

    damn!!!! now i’m sad…well tr your live shows are always the best…and i must say that this year was the best ever……..MUAH….

  7. Dani

    I was looking forward to a DVD release of this tour, that’s really too bad… 😦

    I’m so happy I got to see two shows in the past few months….the best concerts i’ve ever been to!!

  8. cherry_twist

    this entry is too depressing! i dont want to believe that there may not be any NIN tour after 2009 *sobs*

  9. cherry_twist

    the Kanye West moment was when he said “FOR SURE” cos kanye always does that “fo sho” thing

  10. triinity

    I wouldn’t be too depressed, Trent seems to always come up with something to keep us interested. Hopefully he will still release something. He is too much of a control freak. I mean that in a good way. He wouldn’t release something that sucks and is apparently pissed off enough at *INSERT GIANT ASSHOLE RECORD LABEL NAME HERE* to let us know it almost happened. This was for sure the best tour this year and everything I’ve read (including a mention in wired mag) says it. On a completely unrelated note, I DVR’d beside you in time off of Dish Network, that was a weird catch!

  11. triinity

    I wouldn’t be too depressed, Trent seems to always come up with something to keep us interested. Hopefully he will still release something. He is too much of a control freak. I mean that in a good way. He wouldn’t release something that sucks and is apparently pissed off enough at *INSERT GIANT ASSHOLE RECORD LABEL NAME HERE* to let us know it almost happened. This was for sure the best tour this year and everything I’ve read (including a mention in wired mag) says it. On a completely unrelated note, I DVR’d beside you in time off of Dish Network, that was a weird catch!

  12. nickkie

    oh no! my sister and i were just talking about this today. both of us were hoping for a tour DVD. she’s 15 and it was her first “big show”, so we were hoping to have something to remember it by 😦

    it definitely was the best show I’ve seen in a LONG time. the only thing that can compare was the Bauhaus tour way back in 1998.

  13. Chris

    Gah, a live DVD would have owned. And yeah, best tour of the year, even better than the Metallica show I was at. Will we at least get a Live CD? Well whatever happens, I’m glad I saw one of the shows.

  14. SLR

    I’m getting old and jaded, but this WAS a goddamn good tour. So good, I hauled ass across the country to see it a second time…something I’ve NEVER done. Thanks!

  15. jinxplayer

    I saw this show 5 times this tour, and i wish i could see it 5 more. thanks for the great memories and music TR.

  16. cynic72

    Personally, I’d settle for a good, old fashioned 2-D DVD. The show was out-fucking-standing and should be commemorated in whatever way is feasible.

  17. mistake

    Well, I’m a little disappointed too, but what are you going to do? So long as the wheels of the NIN machine keep cranking out worthwhile projects, I’ll be happy. I’m just upset I missed this tour. Hopefully we’ll still see some kind of visual documentation down the line.

  18. Brian

    I second the “kicked in the nuts” sentiment- does this really mean no concert DVD\Bluray? This was the best tour I have ever seen also (and I’ve seen my share)- and I also drove a long way to see it a second time. My wife and I have been saying for months how excited we were for the concert disc. 😦

  19. Esmarelda Nightly

    This tour was so fantastic! I was very fortunate to be able to follow this tour around the United States. I got to see the show in TN, GA, CO, UT, NV, All of Cali, & both shows in FL. It was by far the best shows I’ve ever seen and the bar has been set so high that I doubt I’ll ever be able to top it! Trent you are amazing & what ever happens; we will know it’s with your best intentions! You have never let us down. What is meant to be will be. I am thankful.

  20. Jeffrey

    I dunno Trent is getting older but this seems like already charted territory. “Later that year, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that the September 18 show in Honolulu would be the last performance of the current incarnation of the Nine Inch Nails live band.” So if feel that something is up… Or i can be completely wrong. But nine inch nails is an entity that for my life has always been constant and if I have to see it go will be a monumental loss. I had the privilege to see them at the IZOD center in NJ during this touring cycle, there is no other live band that has the sheer raw power as NIN. I have already said too much. So whatever the case maybe, I support Trent.

    With Undying Love-

  21. Jakki


    Im sure we’ll hear from NIN soon….maybe hes taking a break from touring to work on the TV series? lol wishful thinking 😛

  22. Alysha

    Thank you so much for the showing your artistic talent to the world. Sacramento is my second show and I will relish every second of it after knowing that this is the grand finale tour.I remember you saying at Oakland show in September, “Goodnight everyone. I’m getting old and cranky..”

    Much respect and love.

  23. jadzia

    Well, I think his “Kanye West” moment was not the “for sure” thing, but the tantrum he’s having. Just because he didn’t get to make a DVD of it is no reason to stop touring altogether. Seriously, I love Trent as much as the next NIN fan (and maybe just a little bit more) but he does seem to be an emotionally volatile person. While this makes for the best kind of music (and concert) there is, it’s not a great PR thing. This is not actually his first “Kanye West” moment. I certainly hope he gets over it, as I’ve only seen NIN twice, neither of which was on this tour.

    I would give up all DVDs to get to see another NIN show live.

    Well, Trent, if you’re reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t give up. I would find it very difficult to imagine a live without NIN.

  24. mistake

    I’m willing to bet the reason why touring might be stopping for a long while has little-to-nothing to do with the fact that the DVD/Blu-Ray/3-D project fell through. It’s expensive and tiring to run a show of this caliber. The man’s probably got other things he’d like to accomplish. Following a tour of this magnitude and production value at his age is unlikely. That’s been conquered. Now it’s probably on to the next phase of music and media.

  25. thefamilycat

    ich find das immer putzig wenn die leute denke, das dies DER offizielle blog ist LOL
    immer diese beileidsbekundungen als wenn die band es lesen würde *g*

  26. ST

    I seen NIN at Pemberton, and preparing to see them tomorrow night in Victoria BC AND soooooooo excited. It’s been an amazing year and I cannot wait to see the show in all it’s amazingness tomorrow!!!

  27. Patrick

    Jesus, the Kanye West moment was him pumping his own show as the best show this year.

    Whatever he does, he’s gotta know all his fans are behind him 100%. That being said, he spoiled us this year with SO many things – he deserves a break.

  28. claud

    But why, oh why, didn’t you make at least a simple, plain, old school, 2-dimension, DVD?? snif!

    Anyway, GREAT show, I’m SO glad I saw you here in Santiago.

    Saludos desde Chile!!

  29. cherry_twist

    i agree that the scale of the LiTS tour makes it hard to maintain and trent definitely needs a break…that tour must be so exhaustive in terms of resources physically, emotionally and financially…but i was hoping he’d still at least go on regular tours albeit in a much smaller scale. i cant imagine a life without it! just listening to audio recording is not as fun! 😦

  30. lala

    He didn’t say a DVD was COMPLETELY out of the question- they must have some footage- how else did they put together the trailer ?*Fingers crossed*

  31. busses

    ehy dori, we don’t know each other, but i’d need to understand what trent means with that post, and perhaps you could help me. and you live in german, right? do you think it means that in europe we’re never going to see “the best thing I’ve ever been involved with and likely the final tour for NIN on this scale”, either live or on DVD?

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  33. Dori Doreau

    @ busses
    well, it means there will be no high quality bluray-dvd, i’m afraid most likely no standard dvd, too, and we will not get this breathtaking show live in europe at all. but i never believed he would be able to bring this big, expensive production to europe, he’s no stadium act over here and has to play smaller venues.

  34. busses

    thank you dori. that’s what i thought too about getting to see this thing live (even though a part of me kept nursing the illusion that it might happen). this is why i was hoping there might be a DVD. i think of his art as pure magic, and in moments like this i get all melancholic about it, i can’t even listen to his music right now. i don’t know, it’s like all the past missed opportunities to see him live are signposting a huge I’M A DUMBASS IDIOT in front of me.

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  37. jadzia

    “He didn’t say a DVD was COMPLETELY out of the question- they must have some footage- how else did they put together the trailer ?*Fingers crossed”

    Yeah, the have footage. It seems like the problem is publishing rights. Now that he no longer “belongs” to a record label, unfortunately, everything recorded while with one still belongs to the label. When he approached the labels for the rights to publish the DVD, they refused him. So that would mean that a DVD can’t include any of the old stuff. ANY DVD. Not just Blu-Ray. Well, that’s the impression I’m getting. He said the record label said no. So that’s that, I guess.

  38. Lala

    Oh Jadzia, why must you poke holes in my dreamworld ? 😉

    Well, maybe Trent’ll leak the footage on piratebay- seed0, thats what he did with Closure…

  39. justpassingby

    I think that this is about a lost opportunity and putting blame where blame is deserved.

    What I gathered from this note is that even though alternate funding for the Cameron group’s work on the 3D video was eventually secured it was found too late to satisfy the requirements for both the Cameron and NIN groups (both because one is not singled out) for a ‘comfortable’ filming schedule.

    There is nothing here to indicate that songs owned by the “record company” could not be included in either version – the “record company” won’t likely withold permission to make money – what was refused was a request for a combination of funding and publishing permission was made. No other information is given here. As well, there is nothing here to indicate that a 2D chronicle won’t be released.

    NIN has toured quite a bit since With Teeth came out. It’s not surprising that this tour will be the last tour for a while. Personally, I’d like next to see a minimalist tour, in actual performance centres with fantastic acoustics, for work like the Ghosts and Still albums.

  40. jadzia

    Dear Lala,
    I don’t mean to poke holes in anyone’s dream world…I’m as depressed as everyone else…not about the DVD (I could care less, to tell you the truth). It’s about the no touring in the foreseeable future part…I feel like crying. I didn’t get to see this tour, and no DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D or otherwise, would make me feel any better about that. What I love about live shows is, well, BEING THERE. For me, no DVD can possibly touch that. *sigh* Seriously, I’m not sure what I’ll do now…what about my kids….What if they never get to see NIN live?

  41. busses

    thank you dori!! you’re right! you’re soooooo right! the only thing i’d be afraid of in a situation like that would be people singing along all the time… ahahahahah.

  42. lala

    jadzia, sweetheart, i was only jokingly referring to poking holes 😉 Yeah, I know what you mean, I didn’t get to see the tour either…but this time around a DVD would have been great because of the stunning visuals- that’s better than nothing at all right ? Don’t worry about your kids, I’m sure NIN will tour again, just not anytime soon.

  43. lala

    And Dori, Trent Reznor + Piano would rock my world 🙂 Especially if he plays the tracks off the Still album…Ok now I’m officially daydreaming..

  44. a bird

    It sounds like TR is taking a break from music. He totally deserves it.
    He shouldn’t worry about his fans, they will always be there, even after 5 years, they’ll still be there. Everybody needs some time away, to sit back and just see what’s going on… seems like his vision is a little bit cloudy at the moment, but the clouds will pass, and sun will shine again. Hopefully, he won’t rush into something he would regret later…. just take this break, and think about it…
    Basically, I’m saying nothing….

  45. Ashta

    Trent, thank you so much for taking the time
    to communicate with the fans. I had the privilege to attend your shows in the past few years and I’ve enjoyed every second of it and then some.

    I’ve been blown away every time, and the last tour was amazing on many level.

    I would have love a DVD myself, but more than anything, I wish you the best in all future endeavour, good health, etc… and hopefully another smaller, more intimate show.

  46. GibMan

    I’m with jorgenmz, can we buy some shows? Hate to mention them, but Metallica have a great deal where you can buy the show you saw. You were above and beyond perfect in Atlanta, I’d love to buy that. Also, screw 3d. I get it, it won’t be the same, but give 10-20 HD recorders out, plus 5-10 pros, and make a multi track BLURAY where you can switch between the POVs? There is still some creativity here, this show must be captured. It was the best I have ever seen, the best ever heard. Please some remembrance other than the shitty phone vids out there? please?

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